Burger King All-American Varsity Skills Challenge rundown

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The Burger King All-American Varsity Skills Challenge will air on Friday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. on ESPN2.

BK Pass Attack: Quarterbacks
Quarterbacks will compete for distance and accuracy. The player throws three balls at each of the three targets (nine total). Each of the targets are worth different amounts -- 20, 30, 40. The player will receive 10 points for hitting the board and not the target. The final (10th) ball will be thrown from the 35-yard line. The "Landing Zone" will be between the hashes. The player will receive two points for each yard the ball travels. Points will be added together for the final point total.

Under Armour Hands Competition: Wide receivers and defensive backs
The player begins by catching 10 balls in the first area. He can't leave the area until he catches 10. The player runs through an obstacle course and has to catch three balls thrown by quarterbacks. There is a penalty for drops. Player finishes upon catching the final throw. Results are based solely on time.

U.S. Marines Obstacle Course: Running backs and linebackers
The players run through an obstacle course in the fastest time possible. Penalties are enforced if 1) the ball is dropped running through the gauntlet; 2) the player fails to hit every square in the ropes course; 3) the player fails to push the sled three yards. Results are based solely on time.

Linemen Strength Challenge
The player begins with a drill called "pushing the wood," in which he must push a 2x4 10 yards. The player then continues over hurdles, pushes the sled 10 yards and goes under an agility chute. Finally, he must find a football in a ball pit and end with a 40-yard dash. Results are based solely on time.