Sought-after prospect Lowe has right mind-set

Stavion Lowe , 6-foot-6, 294 pounds
ESPN 150 Watch List running back
Brownwood High School (Texas)

No one's stock has gone up more the past six weeks than Stavion Lowe's. The talented Brownwood offensive lineman has spent the spring and early part of the summer visiting a number of schools -- especially from the SEC and the Big 12 conferences. There is no doubt about it: Lowe is an extremely athletic offensive lineman who will be a major asset to the college of his choice.

Lowe has all the physical tools coaches look for in an offensive lineman, but he knows even he can get better.

"I know it takes great feet to excel as a lineman and that's why I'm working out twice a day to keep improving," he said. "Coaches look for lineman that can get blocks at the second and third levels. I also want to be a more explosive run blocker."

Lowe wants to go to a school where he can play early and one at which he can have academic success.

"It's important to me and my family that the college I choose has a good business school," he said. "You've got to be more than just a football player."

Brownwood High has several talented seniors coming back this fall. Lowe is excited about the team's chances.

"My main goal for the 2008 season is to help take my school to the state championship," Lowe said. "My personal goal is to be first team all-state and maybe even be an All-American."

When asked whom his football hero was, he quickly responded "Vince Young because he's a phenomenal athlete with a great work ethic."

When he's not playing football or working out, Lowe enjoys playing basketball and video games. His favorite food is spaghetti with a lot of sauce.

Lowe is one of nearly a dozen Texans to accept invitations to the Under Armor All-America Game in Orlando, Florida.

"I am excited to showcase my talents against the very best," Lowe said." I also can't wait to go to Walt Disney World."

As a coach, you can't ask much more out of a player like Stavion Lowe. He is an athlete who is completely dedicated to his school, his teammates and his coaching staff. He is also smart enough to realize the competition continues to improve with each level. It would this scout if Lowe doesn't make it al the way to the top rung.

Lowe's Scouts Inc. evaluation
Lowe is one of the most athletic offensive tackles in the Class of 2009. He has great size at 6-foot-6 and just under 300 pounds.

The most impressive quality is his athleticism. Has great feet and can run exceptionally well for a big man. Even though he has a tendency to slightly drop step, comes off the ball low and hard. Good flat back with piston-like leg drive results in great knock back off the line of scrimmage. Stays low maintaining leverage after contact. Uses hands well but would like to see them get inside a defender's frame and lock on a little more.

Outstanding job of getting to level two; effective at searching out linebackers. Great effort downfield and after coming off initial block, looks for another defender. Agility shows in pulling; doesn't miss a stride and turns upfield with good square shoulders. Absolutely a destructive force on the double team. Demonstrates power in the combination block and drives defenders into the laps of the linebackers; only fault is slight tendency to get too angular. Very solid pass protection techniques. Gets back quick even from a 3-point stance. Great body position and power lines. Delivers with the hands while maintaining position, body control and balance. Slightly over-extends at times but is athletic enough to recover.

Lowe will be a big time college offensive lineman. It's rare to find an offensive tackle with so much athletic ability. Exceptional player who has talent and gives great effort.

Bill Conley worked at Ohio State for 17 years as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator. Since retiring from Ohio State in 2004, Conley has worked as a contributor and analyst for Columbus-area print and broadcast media and as a professional speaker. He also published a book recounting his years as a Buckeyes recruiting coordinator, "Buckeye Bumper Crops."