Kickers show D-I potential at camps

Kohl's Texas and Western Showcase Camps allowed the best kickers, punters, and snappers in these regions to showcase their talent. They did not disappoint. These camps were dominated by two seniors fighting to get noticed before the February signing date. Brian Davis of Brentwood, Tenn., won the kickoff and punt competitions in Dallas. He also finished second out of the 75 specialists at the Texas Showcase in the field goal competition. Davis D-I potential, which was shown on his winning kickoff that went 75 yards. Zachary Hoffmann of Camarillo, Calif., won the Western Showcase's most outstanding performer award. He also won the kickoff and punt competitions. His winning kickoff had a hang-time that was over 4.1 seconds. He also averaged 42.3 yards with an amazing average of 4.48 hang-time in the charting session done at camp. Peter McBride a 2011 snapper from Scottsdale, Ariz., might be the best high school snapper in America. He was consistently in the .7 to .8 second range on his snaps.

The Texas Showcase had many outstanding senior performances. Kickoff performances from seniors Andrew Klink (Cypress, Texas) and Michael Hunnicut (Richardson, Texas) were dominant. They both averaged over 71 yards a kick. Trevor Mouton (Flower Mound, Texas) and Grant Pierce (Plano, Texas) showed they can kick at the next level as well. Alejo Diaz (Teague, Texas) won the punt charting session in Dallas. Senior Sean Ianno (Pfugerville, Texas) won the field goal charting session in Dallas making 8-of-10 on the windy cold day.

The Texas Showcase also featured outstanding young talent. Jaden Oberkrom, a 2012 kicker from Arlington, Texas, is well ahead of his years on both field goals and kickoffs. Chris Albarado, a 2011 punter from Lake Charles, La., finished second in the camp in punting. These young athletes both will be playing college football in the years to come.

The Western Showcase featured some of the top kickers and punters in the nation. Rory Perez, a 2010 punter, hit multiple punts that had over 5 seconds of hang-time. He is one of the top 5 punters in the 2010 class. Another top 5 prospect is 2011 kicker Ryan Felix (Corona, Calif.). His ball-striking and height is at the D-I level right now.

The camp also had solid performances by 2010 kicker Edgar Castaneda from Alameda, Calif. Edgar won the kickoff charting session with a 67 yard average. Senior Mychael Kabeary from Indio, Calif., went 10 for 10 during his field goal charting session. A trio of 2011 class members -- Tilghman Harvey from Tucson, Ariz., Riley Harper from Holladay, Utah, and Brian O'Halloran from Portland, Ore., -- earned an invitation to Orlando, Fla., for a camp after their outstanding performances.

Both of these camps showed that kickers, punters, and snappers are getting better and becoming more of a priority in high school football. With more college games being decided by three points or less, watch for some of these guys to make a difference in the years to come.

Jamie Kohl is the director of Kohl's Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps.