Breaking down E-11 field

The ESPN RISE Elite 11 quarterback camp will feature some of the nation's top prospects. Here is a breakdown of the 12 players who were invited to Aliso Viejo, Calif., for the four-day camp that begins today.

Archie Bradley

(Broken Arrow, Okla./Broken Arrow)
QB rank: No. 19 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 3
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 215 pounds | College: Oklahoma
Scout's Take: Bradley is a baseball player with a huge arm who is flying under the radar as a quarterback. Bradley could develop in football if he devoted all his time to it as he has the tools. We would like to see his feet settle more consistently in the pocket, as he is not always throwing with balance. Overall, Bradley shows tools, measurables and an arm you cannot coach. He can be accurate and shows flashes of being really productive. He is a good prospect who may be a candidate to play both sports at the next level if baseball does not call his name professionally.
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Teddy Bridgewater

QB rank: No. 8 | ESPNU 150 rank: 141 | Stars: 4
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 179 pounds | College: Miami
Scout's Take: Bridgewater is one of the more intriguing dual-threat quarterbacks in the 2011 class. He is tall, ultra-athletic and makes a ton of plays with both his arm and legs. If he does not remain at QB, he could easily be a force at wide receiver as he is that good of an athlete. Overall, you have to love Bridgewater's gritty competitiveness and love to play the game. He has terrific measurables and so many traits you want in a dual-threat QB. There is a lot to mold here as a passer.
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Evan Crower

(San Diego/St. Augustine)
QB rank: No. 37 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 3
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 185 pounds | College: Stanford
Scout's Take: In an era where it can be tough to name 10 schools that prefer a pro-style QB, drop-back passers seem to be hard to come by. Crower is definitely a guy who will be coveted as a prototypical pocket prospect. He possesses ideal height and is a late bloomer in terms of weight and bulk, which give his frame lots of development upside. He is a tall, left-handed prospect at his best as a rhythm and timing player who drops, gets set, plants and gets the ball out. Overall, Crower has some nice qualities and fits the drop-back, pro set. He is at his best when protected and getting the ball out on time. He is not guy who is going to be real creative with his legs, but he's a good prospect.

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Jeff Driskel

(Oviedo, Fla./Paul J. Hagerty)
QB rank: No. 1 | ESPNU 150 rank: 33 | Stars: 4
Height: 6-4 | Weight: 224 pounds | College: Florida
Scout's Take: This is a prospect who, at this stage, possesses just about every physical trait or measurable you could want in a high school prospect. Driskel can run, he displays a terrific arm, he possesses great size on a muscular frame and his overall athleticism is off the charts. The intriguing thing about Driskel is that he is much more polished as a passer in person than he is on tape. In a workout setting he is crisp, shows timing, footwork and is fundamentally sound with his delivery, but on film he is much more of a backyard player with a gunslinging mentality. If there were a negative about Driskel at this stage, it would be that he takes some risks with the ball and locks onto targets for too long. Overall, Driskel is the total package when it comes to measurables and physical tools. He is like Jake Locker physically coming out. He has a chance to be special and is a highly competitive prospect with a high work ethic.

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Phillip Ely

(Tampa, Fla./Plant)
QB rank: No. 60 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 3
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 188 pounds | College: Undecided
Scout's Take: What Ely lacks in height and bulk, he makes up for with accuracy, a quick release and a clear command of the scheme. Ely is confident in his style of play, and his ability to know where to go pre-snap, as well as his ability to work through progressions, is impressive. He has good feet and works from the shotgun exclusively. Most of the throws required of him will be to the short and intermediate areas of the field, but he will flash the occasional deep seam throw and comeback throw to the sideline while on the move, which gives you an idea of his deceptive arm strength. He has a quick, compact delivery despite propping the ball up by his ear, which can give him somewhat of an awkward appearance. Nevertheless, the ball comes out with good pop and zip, giving the impression he possesses a stronger arm than he actually does. What stands out about Ely is his uncanny ability to hit the strike zone. He does such a good job of placing the ball in a catchable spot.
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Kiehl Frazier

(Springdale, Ark./Shiloh Christian)
QB rank: No. 3 | ESPNU 150 rank: 53 | Stars: 4
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 210 pounds | College: Auburn
Scout's Take: Frazier is a prospect with a lot of upside to improve mechanically over the next couple of years. He has terrific measurables. He's tall, well built and has the frame to continue to add bulk and be a force as both a runner and passer. Frazier is a resourceful QB. He does not take too many chances with the ball but has a knack for making plays, keeping the play alive and finding ways to move the chains. You can see he has confidence in the scheme. When his feet are set and he is in rhythm, he can get very hot. He throws well on the move in designed rollouts or play-action, especially to his right. Frazier has shown the ability to make some impressive throws into tight windows when he is on time, and he is confident in his reads. He can make the deep seam and the deep comeback from the opposite hash when his feet are set. He shows quality accuracy and footwork. Frazier plants and transfers his weight well and, when comfortable, generally hits the strike zone. Frazier is a strong, powerful runner with good speed and elusiveness. He shows initial quickness to elude the rush and buy a second passing chance. He is a decisive runner on designed runs and is not afraid to lower his shoulder in the open field. His top end speed is impressive for the position. Overall, there is a lot to mold with Frazier and he possesses the measurables and tools to succeed at the BCS level.
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Everett Golson

(Myrtle Beach, S.C./Myrtle Beach)
QB rank: NR (No. 18 ATH) | ESPNU 150 rank: 136 | Stars: 4
Height: 6-0 | Weight: 172 pounds | College: North Carolina
Scout's Take: Golson is such an intriguing and difficult guy to evaluate because, as a quarterback, he displays some impressive traits as a passer, yet he is short and built like a wide receiver. While he is a good athlete and excellent dual-threat guy, we are not sure he could truly possess the speed you would want if you moved him to safety or wide receiver. By all accounts, he is a playmaker, though. If he is to stay at quarterback, there is no doubt that there are tools to work with here. He is an accomplished enough passer to be factor at the next level, much in the same way Pat White was at West Virginia. However, we feel he will need to be in the spread offense to be most effective and will have to move his launch point to be a threat on the perimeter. Golson can do some dangerous things with his arm and legs. Moving to another position will always be an option. Where he fits best may be determined down the road.
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Cody Kessler

(Bakersfield, Calif./Centennial)
QB rank: No. 29 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 3
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 210 pounds | College: USC
Scout's Take: Kessler is an impressive prospect who grows on you the more you watch him. He has a salty demeanor and swagger about him that makes you want to watch more of him. Kessler throws the ball extremely well on the run, either on designed rollouts or when scrambling. He is confident in this offense and makes good decisions with the ball. He does not have many opportunities working from under center, but he has good feet. We feel dropping and reading on the move would not be an uphill battle for him. The shotgun helps him overcome his lack of height and ability to find throwing lanes. Kessler will need to bulk up and add some strength to his frame for the next level, but he is a good passer and a fundamentally sound player who possesses good upside.

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Adam Pittser

(Richmond, Ill./Burton)
QB rank: NR | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: N/A
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 187 pounds | College: Undecided
Scout's Take: Evaluation and report pending. We haven't seen enough of him to make a fair evaluation and give him a grade yet. While watching him in a camp setting will be good, we'll still need to watch game film to offer a complete evaluation.

DaMarcus Smith

(Louisville, Ky./Seneca)
QB rank: No. 52 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 3
Height: 6-0 | Weight: 178 pounds | College: Louisville
Scout's Take: Smith suffered a season-ending injury as a junior, but based off his sophomore film, he's an intriguing prospect with a live arm. The ball jumps off his hand and, when his feet are set, he can really unleash the football. He is a good athlete who brings versatility to the position, which makes him an ideal candidate for the spread offense. Smith has good, consistent mechanics overall. He gets back, sets up quickly and carries the ball high in the pocket. He has a quick release and drives off his back foot to get adequate power and velocity on his throws. He has a live arm and shows he can make all the throws. Smith has good quickness, can buy time in the pocket with his movement and shows the ability to avoid the rush. He throws very well on the run and when improvising. He is a threat when he pulls the ball down, with the elusiveness to make people miss.
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Kendal Thompson

(Moore, Okla./Southmoore)
QB rank: No. 10 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 4
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 175 pounds | College: Oklahoma
Scout's Take: Thompson reminds us so much of a left-handed Russell Shepard (who is at LSU now), and the same scrutiny will apply throughout the recruiting process -- will he stay at QB or move to another position? At this stage in the game, Thompson has a stronger arm and is more polished as a passer than Shepard despite his quirky, unorthodox delivery often seen from left-handers. However, make no mistake, Thompson is a passer first, runner second. He is a dangerous athlete under center. For such a great athlete, he shows nice patience in the pocket and really works to go through progressions before tucking the ball to run. Thompson displays adequate velocity on most throws but, like many lefties, does not display great zip or tight spirals, which ultimately does not matter if the end result is positive. He puts great touch and air under deep throws and really knows how to drop the ball in over the top of tight coverage. Thompson throws well on the run to either side and is comfortable with throwing on the move. Overall, Thompson is highly productive and a terrific athlete. We would bet he will be given every opportunity to remain at QB at the next level, but his overall versatility gives him tremendous value.
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J.W. Walsh

(Denton, Texas/Guyer)
QB rank: No. 11 | ESPNU 150 rank: NR | Stars: 4
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 195 pounds | College: Oklahoma State
Scout's Take: Walsh is a Texas gunslinger with adequate size and, perhaps, some room to still grow. He has a release that every coach covets. He is a coach's kid who is clearly in command of the scheme that displays his arm, feet and athleticism. He is a good athlete, and while his strength is as a passer, he can get out of trouble when he has to and can also be effective on designed runs. He works mostly out of the shotgun in an offense that gets rid of the ball quickly and also changes the launch point as he is very good on the move and when improvising. As mentioned, Walsh's delivery is lightning quick and one of his best traits. The ball jumps out of his hand smoothly and with zip. Overall, Walsh is one of the better QBs in this class and he has been well-coached. He possesses that tough swagger you want, and he is a guy that could play in the spread or from under center in the pro set or West Coast scheme.

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