USF, Texas A&M commits jump out

ESPN director of recruiting Tom Luginbill talks about three recruits from each team who stood out Saturday on Day 1 of pool play at the ESPN RISE Champion Gridiron Kings, which included all-star teams from the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West.


Shane Morris (Warren, Mich./De La Salle)
6-foot-2, 185 pounds
College: Michigan
Morris, a 2013 QB prospect, already is pushing 6-2½ and he will be 6-3 and 215 pounds when all is said and done. He has a supreme arm and a lot of talent. Morris is a lefty with a compact delivery, and you don't see all lefties with that. He throws with pop and natural velocity. Right now, Morris doesn't have the clock operating in his head just right and that could be a result of youth or a result of playing in a foreign environment and not used to throwing to these receivers.

Cyrus Jones (Baltimore/Gilman)
5-10, 180
College: undeclared
Jones is like Davonte Neal. They are almost identical players. Jones has great ball skills, quickness and speed to stretch the field. He has speed to transition his hips and run vertically with receivers. He's another guy who played quarterback and now is making the full-time transition to wide receiver. I believe he will play corner. He has that skill set and dimensions.

Wayne Morgan
(Brooklyn, N.Y./Erasmus)
5-11, 184
College: undeclared
Morgan is a guy who's from New York and he's not had a chance to go against high-caliber guys like we have here. To me, he's a lot like Quandre Diggs (Texas signee) from last season. Morgan is a big, physical, thick cornerback, and once he gets his hands on you in press coverage, it's hard to get off the line of scrimmage.


Chris Bivins (Gainesville, Fla./Gainesville)
5-11, 166
College: USF
Bivins is a guy who has really jumped on our radar. He is not given enough due in the state of Florida. Bivins is smooth, fluid and has long arms. He's well layered with musculature. He will get bigger and more physical. Bivins just quietly goes about his business and makes the most of his opportunities.

Randy Johnson (Miami/Norland)
5-9, 174
College: Miami
Johnson has not been utilized in this event like I thought he would, but every time he gets the ball in his hands he makes something happen. He's so much like Trey Williams. Duke can turn a 3-yard gain into 25 yards or 85 yards. He is a big play waiting to happen. I thought he would transition into a cornerback, but now I think he can be a premier running back in college.

Sean Price (Citra, Fla./North Marion)
6-4, 215
College: USF
In high school there are two types of tight ends: You have the big, physical ones and guys such as Sean Price. As a junior he was 6-2 and 210 pounds and he moved like a receiver. Now he has gained 20 pounds. I am not saying he's a full-time inline guy, but he carries enough weight now to handle it better. His ability to get open in the red zone has been fantastic. In a setting like this he could be a huge factor. Price has a chance to be really good and create a lot of problems for guys in the red area.


Matt Davis (Houston/Klein Forest)
6-1, 200
College: Texas A&M
We are really intrigued by Matt Davis. We loved him on film as dual-threat QB, but then he had a severe knee injury. He looks to be at full speed. He has impressive physical stature, but you don't see that in this setting. His skills as a passer are better now and maybe more so than on tape. He likes to throw on the run and throw it deep.

Thomas Johnson (Dallas/Skyline)
6-0, 180
College: Texas
Johnson is a guy we have been tracking a lot and he has a chance to be a premier receiver. He was injured last year and he played quarterback. Johnson has a learning curve ahead of him. He has a great skills set and speed to get in and out of breaks. He has great feet and explosion off the line. He is just now learning to play wide receiver and he has a very high ceiling.

Trey Williams
(Houston/Andy Dekaney)
5-8, 180
College: Texas A&M commitment
Williams is the Southwest version of Randy Johnson. He has great quickness and is so explosive. He can really move side to side. In an event like this he's so dangerous. We continue to track whether he can be a full-time guy between the tackles. In a setting like this, where he's involved in the passing game, Williams has been a bright spot.


Bryce Treggs
(Inglewood, Calif./Inglewood)
5-11, 170
College: California
Treggs continues to impress with his route running. He's more quick than fast, and I don't believe he will win many foot races. But he gets open and attacks coverages. He has been fantastic here and all summer.

Tee Shepard (Fresno, Calif./Central)
6-0, 180
College: Notre Dame
Shepard has versatility and size as a cornerback and safety on the perimeter to get up in a receiver's face. He has lots of range and can run. He has great hips. From a Notre Dame standpoint, this is a great perimeter take and an important pickup for the Irish.

Davonte Neal (Scottsdale, Ariz./Chaparral)
5-10, 175
College: Undeclared
Along with Cyrus Jones from Midwest, Neal is the most versatile athlete to play on both sides of the ball at this event whether it's catching the football, running routes, coming out of the backfield, or in coverages. He has great quickness, top-end speed and fantastic ball skills. Neal is one of the most difficult guys to get open against.