Sunday's Washington-Arizona baseball game was all 4MOM

Washington center fielder Braden Bishop's special tribute to his mom

Bishop writes "4MOM" on his arm every day in support of his mother, Suzy, who has Alzheimer's disease. Bishop and his brother, Hunter, started "4MOM" to raise awareness for the disease.

Members on the Washington Huskies baseball team show their support

On Mother's Day, Bishop's teammates joined his cause, wearing 4MOM on their arms during the Huskies game at Arizona.

Opposing teams join forces

Bishop, who has a few friends on the Arizona team, convinced the Wildcats to also join his cause.

The Wildcats were happy to help

When Arizona coach Andy Lopez's players approached him about supporting an opposing player during their Mother's Day weekend series with Washington, Lopez didn't hesitate to give them the green light.

Every person on the field showed their love

Every Arizona player, and even the umpires wore 4MOM.

The support overwhelmed Bishop

Arizona players weren't the only ones writing "4MOM" on their arms Sunday. Braden Bishop's Twitter feed was full of players and fans from across the country showing support.