Report: NCAA president Mark Emmert owes $49K on UW pledge

NCAA president Mark Emmert has paid only about half of the $100,000 he promised the University of Washington when he served as the school's president, USA Today Sports reports.

Emmert, who was president of his alma mater from 2004 to 2010, pledged the money to a scholarship fund in 2006 and paid $51,000 by January 2010, but the balance remains outstanding, according to the report.

"Personal philanthropy is a private matter for individuals and their families," Emmert told USA Today Sports in a statement. "My family and I care greatly for the University of Washington and will continue to support it throughout our lives."

Emmert was scheduled to make five annual payments of $20,000, beginning in January 2008, but he last made a payment in January 2010, USA Today Sports reports. He was named to the NCAA post in April 2010 and began heading up the organization in October that year.

He has given $4,000 to a different University of Washington fund since leaving the school, according to the report.

The university sent Emmert a reminder in April 2013.

"The good news is that your donations have totaled $51,000 toward your $100,000 pledge," a letter obtained by USA Today Sports said. "Further, the UW has held $50,000 in matching funds until June 30, 2013 (sunset date) as part of the Students First matching program that was created on your watch. ... If you can see a way to contribute the remaining $49,000 by this time, the remaining matching funds will instantly be accrued to your fund. Of course, we would understand completely should this timetable be unfeasible, and I assure you we can still establish your scholarship with the $51,000 we have already received."

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that Emmert was the second-highest paid public university president in 2008, when he made $905,000. His online NCAA profile boasts of his fundraising while at the University of Washington, saying: "During his tenure, the university rose to its standing as second among all public and private institutions in research funding, with $1.3 billion in annual grants and contracts. The university also completed a $2.6 billion fundraising campaign under his leadership."