Alabama RB Damien Harris' mom plays Facebook joke on Tide

Apparently today was April Fools' Day for Alabama RB Damien Harris' mother, Lynn. Lynn went ahead and posted a Facebook status that her son, and soon to be big asset for the Tide, would be leaving Alabama to play at Eastern Kentucky next season.

She deleted her post, but it read like this:

"It is with a very light heart that I announce Damien has decided to leave the University of Alabama and transfer back home to EKU!! I know this may come as a shock to some but hey it is what it is! Everyone who said he was too much of a Mommas Boy to leave...well, apparently you were right!"

Well, let's just say Tide fans weren't on board with being a "momma's boy" and the news spread fast prompting another post from Lynn.

And the Tide can all breathe a little easier now -- even though they just got trolled by one of their own. But look on the bright side 'Bama fans, she did hashtag in her second post "Roll Tide til we die."

Harris played backup RB to Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry, and he rushed 46 times for 157 yards and a score. And now with Henry gone, the sophomore RB should have an even more active role this season -- that is, if his mom plans on letting him stick around.

Troll tide, troll, Alabama.