Jim Delany not sure if he'll retire when contract runs out in 2020

As the Big Ten Conference prepares to announce a new six-year television rights agreement, longtime commissioner Jim Delany said Tuesday he doesn't expect to negotiate the league's next deal in 2023.

Delany confirmed to ESPN that his contract with the league expires in 2020. He added that while it's a "fair inference" to suggest he won't remain beyond the current contract, he isn't setting a retirement date at this time. USA Today, citing a source, reported Tuesday that Delany will retire in 2020.

"I'm not announcing my retirement," Delany said. "A contract is a contract. Retirement is when someone wants to go. I expect to work through my contract in 2020. I'm healthy and I enjoy doing what I do. Anything beyond that, I don't know."

Delany, 68, has led the Big Ten since 1989 and is the longest-tenured commissioner in college sports.

"I don't think I'll be here for that next TV deal," Delany said. "I might, but I don't plan to be. You do it as long as you feel good and energetic. I'm trying to be helpful and influential to try and provide opportunities for young people."