SEC generated $596.9M in revenue in 2016-17; 14 schools got $40.9M

The SEC generated $596.9 million in revenue for the 2016-17 fiscal year and distributed an average of approximately $40.9 million to 14 members, the league announced Thursday.

The average distribution from the league does not include bowl revenue retained by participating schools, which totals $23.1 million. The SEC's payout for the most recent fiscal year, which ended Aug. 31, represents a slight increase from fiscal year 2015-16, when the league generated $584.2 million and distributed approximately $40.4 million to its members, excluding bowl money.

"This distribution from the SEC is instrumental to our universities' athletics programs ability to provide the highest possible level of support for the thousands of student-athletes who participate annually in nearly two dozen conference sports," league commissioner Greg Sankey said in a prepared statement. "This commitment to excellence encompasses superior support in coaching, equipment, training, academic counseling, medical care and life-skills development for our student-athletes."

The SEC's revenue total comes from its television agreements, bowl agreements, the College Football Playoff, conference championship events in football and men's basketball, NCAA championships and a supplemental surplus distribution. The distribution total doesn't include $7.8 million in NCAA grants split among the SEC's 14 member schools.

The SEC currently distributes the most revenue, on average, to its members. The Big Ten is second after distributing $34.8 million to its fully vested members in its 2016 fiscal year, the most recent to be reported.