NCAA board of directors delays vote on transfer reform package

The NCAA Division I board of directors took no action to adopt transfer reforms during a meeting on Wednesday, giving the transformation committee time to address concerns about proposed transfer windows and immediate eligibility after more than one transfer.

A news release described the board as "generally supportive" of the transfer package but requested additional consideration to the so-called "unlimited transfer" proposal. Currently, athletes are allowed to transfer only once with immediate eligibility.

The Division I student-athlete advisory committee pushed back on the proposed transfer windows, which would define periods of activity.

"SAAC fully supports several aspects of the transfer concept, but we believe that transfer windows unnecessarily restrict student-athletes' freedom of movement," said board member Brynn Carlson, who plays volleyball at Missouri, in a statement. "The current one-time transfer exception for all sports is already a transformational concept that has only been in place for a single academic year. Additionally, student-athletes in sports other than basketball, FBS football, baseball and men's ice hockey have never been subjected to the level of restrictions that are presented by the transfer window concept.

"We believe that additional time is needed to allow the transfer environment to stabilize without the need for transfer windows."

The board did adopt the transformation committee recommendations to provide more benefits to athletes without the need for waivers. Effective immediately, schools can now lend more support to athletes in the area of health, academics, training and insurance, including loss of value and critical injury.

The board will meet next on Aug. 31 to reconsider the transfer package.

Transformation committee co-chairs Julie Cromer, who is the athletic director at Ohio University, and Greg Sankey, the commissioner of the SEC, said in a statement that they were pleased the board approved the proposed benefits.

"The Transformation Committee heard the helpful feedback of the Board of Directors and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee on the broader transfer proposal," Cromer and Sankey said. "Based on that dialogue, we will work to refine our proposal to address how transfer policies align with ongoing academic eligibility and degree progress requirements and deal with current and emerging issues facing college athletics.

"Additionally, we will have the chance to learn more about the latest input from student-athletes around transfer windows. We share the commitment of creating a system that provides student-athletes with opportunity for mobility while maintaining academic and athletic integrity. We will continue our work as a committee and be prepared to share a revised framework with the Board of Directors at its next meeting Aug. 31."