SEC dismisses reports on Mizzou invite

The Southeastern Conference dismissed media reports Tuesday that it had informally agreed to add Missouri to the conference and move Auburn to the SEC East.

The Birmingham News reported that a majority of SEC presidents have endorsed an agreement,
adding that Missouri would become the conference's 14th member after the recent announcement of Texas A&M as its 13th member. The News' story on its website cited two sources familiar with the discussions.

Earlier Tuesday, the Kansas City Star reported that the SEC was going to offer Missouri a spot in the conference, and would wait until the Big 12 dust settled for an answer. The Star cited a Mizzou booster who spoke directly to a school official. Another source told The Star on Tuesday that an Oklahoma official had said the SEC is interested in Missouri, the Star reported.

"The Southeastern Conference has not agreed formally or
informally to accept any institution other than Texas A&M, and
there have not been conference discussions regarding changes in
divisional alignments," SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom

Meanwhile, the Missouri Board of Curators scheduled a
public meeting for Thursday morning followed by an executive
The school said in a release that the executive session would
deal with, among other things, lease, contract, personnel and
confidential or privileged communications with university counsel.

The Oklahoman, citing a high-ranking Big 12 official, reported Oklahoma president David Boren said Monday the school would decide between applying for the Pac-12 or staying in the Big 12. The source stressed that reforms would be necessary for Oklahoma to remain in the Big 12.

The Pac-12 conference affirmed their decision late Tuesday night against expanding from their 12-team alignment, leaving open the possibility of the Big 12 staying together.

The University of Oklahoma's board of regents and its counterpart at Texas granted their school presidents Monday the authority to take action regarding conference realignment.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.