UK hires Rachel Newman Baker

Rachel Newman Baker, the NCAA managing director of enforcement for development and investigations, has left her position to become the senior associate athletic director for compliance at the University of Kentucky, the school announced Tuesday.

Newman Baker, a Kentucky native, had spent the past 12 years at the NCAA.

According to the school's press release, Newman Baker will report to Sandy Bell, the executive association athletics director for student services, and serve as the liaison between the compliance office and Kentucky's football and marketing offices.

Newman Baker's departure is yet another serious blow to the NCAA's reeling enforcement group.

In the past six months, the enforcement division has been the subject of serious scrutiny after publicly admitting it erred in major investigations of both the University of Miami (Fla.) and UCLA.

Those mistakes cost two investigators, Ameen Najjar and Abigail Grantstein, their jobs and forced the ouster of Julie Roe Lach, the vice president of enforcement. Since Roe Lach's resignation, three other investigators have left -- Marcus Wilson, to take a job in compliance at Maryland; Dave Didion, to work in a similar capacity at Auburn; and Chance Miller, who is now at South Carolina.

Newman Baker has been at the forefront of major investigations for a decade after previously working as the assistant director and the director of agent, gambling and amateurism.

John Duncan was hired as the interim vice president for enforcement to replace Roe Lach, but he has no investigative experience. Previously, the Kansas City-based lawyer served as legal counsel for the NCAA.