Seminoles fine with social media ban

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- At some point, Jimbo Fisher will allow his team to begin using Twitter again, but the Florida State head coach said that day isn't likely to come any time soon.

"During the season, I think it's something we're not going to touch," Fisher said Tuesday.

The ban on tweets originated after a rash of ill-advised posts -- nearly all by underclassmen -- caught national attention on various blogs, but Fisher said the ongoing restrictions will actually serve as a means of focusing his team on the task at hand.

"He's got 20,000 followers at 18 years old, he feels that every day he owes it to somebody to tweet something or do something," Fisher said. "And they don't need that distraction."

Several players, including safety Tyler Hunter and running back James Wilder Jr., tweeted numerous messages that drew criticism from fans this offseason, including several tweets aimed at the Tallahassee police department.

Fisher said he doesn't believe the players intended to create problems, but he said too many of the younger members of the team have failed to grasp the impact of social media.

"You know what the first thing in the NFL they'll do? Pull up your Facebook, go pull up your Twitter, and that will develop an image of you real quick," Fisher said. "You've got to understand how important that is."

Seniors Brandon Jenkins and E.J. Manuel were both regulars on Twitter prior to the ban, but both said they were in favor of Fisher's tighter grip on the players' use of social media.

"I know it was a big deal," Manuel said. "I did read what they said, and it was crazy. So those guys understand they can't do that anymore."

Still, Manuel said he hoped the ban would eventually be lifted, as it provides players a chance to market themselves and interact with fans.

That point isn't lost on Fisher, he said, but his priorities remain on winning football games.

"It can be used for great things, too, and I'm not against it," Fisher said. "But it's a power you have to understand the implications of it when you use it, and we'll continue to educate."

Fisher not looking to pillage Penn State
It may be open season on Penn State's current roster after the NCAA ruled that Nittany Lions players could transfer without penalty, but Fisher said he's not setting his sights on recruiting anyone at this point.

"We wouldn't go looking," he said.

Of course, if any of the current Nittany Lions showed an interest in Florida State, Fisher isn't closing the door on bringing someone in, noting that FSU currently has one available scholarship.

"We have our guys," Fisher said, "but we'll have to see."

Swinney fine with FSU's No. 1 ranking
Florida State was the overwhelming favorite among the assembled media at the ACC Football Kickoff to win the conference, and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney isn't going to disagree.

Sure, Swinney's team is the reigning ACC champion, but he's more than happy to let Florida State handle all the preseason hype while Clemson lurks in the shadows.

"Preseason awards are great, but it's more about the postseason awards," Swinney said.

Still, Swinney didn't deny that Florida State would pose a significant threat in the conference this season.

"They're a great team," he said. "They're probably the best team in this conference -- loaded with talent, well coached, have a bunch of guys back. It was probably a good vote on (the media's) part."

Greg Reid update
Fisher said he's still no closer to a decision on potential punishment for cornerback Greg Reid, who was arrested earlier this month on three misdemeanor charges, including possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

"We're still evaluating that whole process and where it goes," Fisher said.