Commits face one tough test

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan fans know their football, and with it comes a rich tradidion. It requires hours of study, but there are worse things to study.

The maize and blue faithful bask in their trivial knowledge of the program.
So, we thought it'd be interesting to quiz the 2013 commits* on some Michigan trivia to see how they'd do in Michigan Football History 101. The questions, answers, as well as a few of the best (and by best, we mean worst) responses we got.

* - The final tally is out of 24 commits that we spoke with.

1) Can you name all three Michigan Heisman winners?
A: Tom Harmon (1940), Desmond Howard (1991), Charles Woodson (1997)

Yes: 3

No: 21

Best answers: "Did Braylon Edwards win it? What about Tom Brady? … Dang it. Jake Long? No? Ah, man, I give up."

"Desmond, Charles Woodson and that old dude."

2) Who is the winningest coach of all time at Michigan?
A: For this, we didn't specify whether we meant most wins (Bo Schembechler, 194) or best winning percentage (Fielding Yost, .851). Technically, winningest is defined as "winning the most often, " but we'll give a bit of a slide for this one.

Yost: 4
Schembechler: 18
Carr: 1
A long time ago: 1

Best answer: "He's the one who built the Big House right? Yeah it is. I just can't remember his name. It slipped my mind. Does it start with a T? No. Not a T. I know it. … [three questions later] … Bo Schembechler."

3) How many Big Ten titles has Michigan won?
A: 42

Correct: 8
Incorrect: 16

Best answers: 10, 13, 17, 18

4) What's the name of the trophy for the Michigan-Minnesota football rivalry?
A: The Little Brown Jug

Correct: 11
Incorrect: 13

Best answers: "Golden Bowl."

"Is it a bucket? I don't know what the name is."

"I was going to Google it, but I know that's cheating."

"They have a trophy for that game?"

5) In what year did the "Ten Year War" begin?
A: 1969

Correct: 0
Incorrect: 24

Best answers: "The 1800s."


6) Who were the two coaches associated with the "The Ten Year War" rivalry? (We explained what it was before moving on to this question.)
A: Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes

Correct: 5
Incorrect: 19

7) What was Bo Schembechler's real first name?
A: Glenn

Correct: 2
Incorrect: 22

Best answers: Bobby/Robert got five votes, Bill got one vote

"Oh man, I just read this book and it had it in there. I just read the book. I don't know."

8) What's Brady Hoke's real name? (Trick follow-up question because Chantel and Tom are sneaky.)
A: Brady

Correct: 10
Incorrect: 14

Best answers: "Bradley? Brandon? What would Brady be short for? I'll go with Bradley." It's Brady. It's a trick question. "Oh dammit, y'all are terrible."

"Brittany? I have no idea what that's short for? What could that possibly be short for?"

"Wait, it's not Brady?" It is. "That's mean."

9) Do you know all the words to "The Victors?"

Yes: 9
No: 15

Best answer: "Do I have to sing it?" No. "OK, then yeah, I know them all."

10) Do you hate Ohio State?

Yes: 19
No: 0
Somewhere in between: 5

Best answers: "Yes. Put exclamation points. Fifty if you can."

"I hate Notre Dame more than Ohio State, but I do hate OSU and everything they stand for."

"Yes, with a passion."