2013 commitment survey

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – We asked the commits a series of anonymous questions regarding their experience not only with their Michigan recruitment, but also with their recruitment of other schools. Here is a collection of the answers we received.

Note: We asked these questions to all of the commits, however, some chose not to answer certain questions or didn't have answers for certain questions. For open-ended questions we just chose the most interesting, surprising or unique responses.

1) When you started the recruiting process where did you think you'd end up?

Ohio State -- 6
No idea -- 4
Alabama -- 3
Michigan State - 2
Cincinnati -- 2
One vote each - Michigan,

2) What was the weirdest sales pitch you received during your recruitment?

"A kid they were recruiting had girls with him everywhere he went. They put two or three girls to follow him around."

"The girls, just how beautiful they were. I saw it. So I believed it. I was like, 'OK, yeah. I can see that.' "

"It was the beginning of my junior year at a camp and I tore the camp up. The coach was like, 'If you commit today, I'll let you call the plays and do all that.' I was like, 'WHAT?' It was uncomfortable. That was crazy. It was kind of funny, but mostly crazy."

"Coaches told me that I was guaranteed a starting spot."

3) Which coach on Michigan's staff -- other than Brady Hoke -- were you the most impressed with during your recruitment?

Running backs coach Fred Jackson -- 6
Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison -- 6
Wide receivers coach Jeff Hecklinski -- 5
Linebackers coach Mark Smith -- 2
Offensive line coach Darrell Funk -- 2
Ond vote each -- offensive coordinator Al Borges, special teams/tight end coach Dan Ferrigno, defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery

4) Which non-Michigan coach during your recruitment were you the most impressed with?

Nick Saban, Alabama --2
One vote each -- Mark Dantonio (Michigan State), Bill O'Brien (Penn State), Urban Meyer (Ohio State), Sal Sunseri (was at Tennessee), Will Muschamp (Florida), Mark State (MSU O-line), Mike Tressel (MSU LB), Chuck Martin (Notre Dame OC)

5) Do you like Hoke's no-visit policy?

Yes --14
No -- 3
In between -- 5

Responses: "I do because once you're committed, you're committed. You shouldn't worry about second guesses. You shouldn't worry about other schools if you have your mind set on where you're going."

"I don't like it. I understand it, coming from Michigan, but for a lot of these kids a lot of the spots at Michigan fill up quickly so a lot of them commit and it puts them in a bind. This is the only time in your life as a football player that people will want you rather than you trying to impress coaches."

"Kids are going to be kids. We're not always going to have one decision. Our heads are always going to run around."

6) Did you ever think about taking visits to other schools after you committed to Michigan?

Yes -- 6
No -- 17

7) Which player who committed elsewhere do you wish would've committed to Michigan with you?

No one -- 5
Cameron Hunt (Cal) -- 2
Godwin Igwebuike (Northwestern) -- 2
One vote each -- Devin Butler (Notre Dame), Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss), Dennis Finley (Michigan State), Cam Burrows (Ohio State), Reuben Foster (undeclared), Jarrod Clements (Illinois), John Montelus (Notre Dame), Peter Kalambayi (Stanford), Rob Wheelwright (Wisconsin), Billy Price (Ohio State), Josh Banderas (Nebraska)

8) Who did you recruit the hardest that ended up committing elsewhere?

Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss) -- 2
Marcus Ball (Wisconsin) -- 2
Joe Mathis (Washington) -- 1
Dorian Johnson (Pitt) -- 1
Damon Webb (Ohio State ) -- 1
Everyone else said no one.

9) Do you like how many jersey changes Michigan has had over the past two seasons?

Yes -- 17
No -- 1
Don't care -- 5

Responses: "I think the coolest jerseys are the traditional blue on maize. I don't like when they change it too much, but the helmets were awesome for the bowl game. I think Michigan has a very classic uniform. You shouldn't want to change it up too much."

"I love it. I think it's time for Michigan to change a lot of its style. When you wear something for so long, you gotta give it a break. I like the retro jerseys."

10) Which school had the best facilities? (commits could answer more than one if applicable)

Michigan -- 11
Alabama -- 5
Ohio State -- 4
Tennessee -- 2
Nebraska -- 2
Notre Dame -- 1
Oregon -- 1

11) Michigan scheduled powerhouse Alabama this season. What team or conference would you like to see on the schedule while you're a Wolverine?

Alabama -- 8
SEC -- 3
Notre Dame -- 2
Pac-12 -- 1
Big 12 -- 1
USC -- 1
LSU -- 1
Oregon -- 1
Whoever is No. 1 -- 1
Ohio State, every game, every Saturday -- 1

12) What was the most important thing to you during your recruitment? (commits could answer more than one if applicable)

Coaches -- 9
Academics -- 9
Family atmosphere -- 7
Tradition -- 1
Overall fit -- 1

13) Who's opinion held the most weight during your recruitment?

Parents -- 15
Coaches -- 3
Siblings -- 3
Grandpa -- 1
Uncle -- 1

14) What school recruited you the hardest after you committed to Michigan?

Ohio State -- 4
Illinois -- 2
Alabama -- 2
LSU -- 2
Florida -- 2
Washington -- 2
No one -- 2
One vote each -- USC,
Notre Dame,
NC State