Ricky Williams honored with statue

AUSTIN, Texas -- Ricky Williams got a sneak peek at the past and the future two days before more than 30,000 fans were able to judge for themselves Sunday.

The former Texas Heisman Trophy winner was back on campus to take a look at his new statue.

The likeness?

"Close enough," he laughed.

The 8-foot, 1,000-pound likeness was unveiled just outside Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

"He had what it took and still has what it takes," said Joe Jamail, a longtime Texas benefactor who spoke at the ceremony. "Ricky has done his part."

Williams' part was to rush for a then-NCAA record 6,279 yards, including 2,124 his senior year.

For those accomplishments and more, the university commissioned David Deming to build the statue that was placed close to one of Texas' other Heisman winner, Earl Campbell.

"Words can't describe how honored I am," Williams said. "Having a statue at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium is something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams when I came here from San Diego.

"Texas was such a welcoming place, and with its unbelievable history and tradition, it's extra special to be a part of that. I'm just humbled and grateful to be recognized in such an amazing way by a school and city that has meant so much to me and my family and is a vital part of my life."

Carter Strickland covers University of Texas football for HornsNation.