Jesse Hogan's admiring story of recovery

In a moving column for the Age, Emma Quayle writes about her colleague Jesse Hogan's recovery and fight against illness. Hogan suffered a stroke at the end of February, was in a coma for five days and has survived several surgeries since then. He has fought back with the help of rehabilitation, taking strides towards recovery which include talking, even though doctors once feared he would not be able to, walking with a crutch and going through some of the daily tasks.

Jesse's team of therapists plan his weeks out together. His interests - sport, music, the news - have been a big focus of his sessions, which are also designed around his personal goals. He works with a speech therapist, and a physio. His occupational therapist is teaching him how to live with one arm: how to shower, get dressed, make a sandwich. His neuropsychology registrar helps him work through his feelings, does brain function games on an iPad with him and helps him work things out; compensating, and finding new ways to do things, is how he is recovering. Jesse's favourite word is "independent" and he has won his new friends over with his determination. He pushes them hard, too. In a rehab session this week, the physio asked him to lie on the bed and do 10 hip raises. By the time she looked back over he had done 20.