Bossing it like Superman

India began day four with a lead of 51, and it quickly swelled as Virat Kohli and Jayant Yadav took charge. Kohli became the first Indian batsman - and fifth overall - to hit three double-hundreds in a year.

Kohli to break Sachin Tendulkar's record? He needs only 11,728 more.

The England bowlers looked far from threatening on a fourth-day surface.

A cape? Not sure if Kohli would want one while running between the wickets.

Surely, if the proposal has to be taken seriously, it has to be him in whites.

The Wankhede crowd chanted "Kohli, Kohli" often, much in the fashion of "Sachin, Sachin".

If you were short of superlatives.

Looking to take your game to the next level. You can seek help.

At the other end, Jayant became the first India No. 9 to score a century in Tests.

It's been a fine debut series for Jayant.

If only England had held on to their chances.

Skipping Test cricket: never a good idea.

Looking forward to a Kohli-esque 2016 next year...

... and hopefully, fewer puns.