ICC moves to Dubai

After months of speculation, the International Cricket Council has confirmed that it will be moving its offices from London and Monaco to Dubai in August.
"Over recent years the ICC has operated from split headquarters, with the cricket administrative and anti-corruption elements in London and the commercial and financial operations in Monaco," Ehsan Mani, the ICC's president, said. "The board has been committed to unifying its administration for some time and after considering a range of offers from around the world, the directors were of the view that Dubai provided the best way forward for the international game.

"The package on offer to relocate the ICC to Dubai was very attractive and preparations are now in an advanced stage to move to the Emirate in August this year."

The ICC, which has been based in London since it was formed 1909, had been expected to make the move ever since the British government had declined to offer it tax concessions.

"Clearly, cricket's deep association with England and particularly Lord's as the historic home of the sport was a factor that weighed heavily in the Board's discussions on this matter," Mani continued. "Nevertheless, like many international governing bodies before us, it is clear that operating in the United Kingdom under the current system is not in the best interests of our members."