'This is just... obscene' - Eoin Morgan fires England to sixes world record

After a watchful start, England went into a six-hitting frenzy at Old Trafford. Eoin Morgan led the way, clearing the ropes 17 times - an ODI record - on the way to 148 from 71 balls, and by the times Moeen Ali had hit four more in the last couple of overs, England had racked up 25 sixes, another record in the format. Here's the carnage, as seen by our ball-by-ball commentators.

13.5 - Rahmat Shah to Bairstow, SIX runs, pumped straight! Full and flat just outside off. Bairstow to the pitch quickly, helped by the flatter trajectory too, and a nice, sweet hit - about 85 metres

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23.4 - Rashid Khan to Bairstow, SIX runs, full and swung away, sweetly lofted into the crowd at cow! YJB hitting his way out of trouble, clearing that front leg as soon as Rashid lobs it up

26.4 - Mohammad Nabi to Bairstow, SIX runs, boshed! Smeared straight back down the ground, YJB making an early move and freeing the arms to bludgeoning effect!

31.2 - Gulbadin Naib to Morgan, SIX runs, ugh, that is a bad ball, Morgan waits for the long-hop to reach him and cracks it over deep midwicket! So short it had pretty much stopped by the time it got to him, loopy and spankable

31.3 - Gulbadin Naib to Morgan, SIX runs, goes down the ground this time! Full and slotted high over long-on! Morgan goes BOOM-BOOM

35.3 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, swung for six this time! No chance for Dawlat to make up for his error! Morgan nails it, going to the same part of the ground

35.6 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, dragged down, belted into the crowd again! Second six of the over for Morgan, who isn't going to miss out on those, short and leg side and panned!

38.1 - Mohammad Nabi to Morgan, SIX runs, pummels his fifth six over midwicket to bring up his fifty! This is a woeful ball - dropped short and coming in at Morgan who quickly jumps into position and swings clean

39.1 - Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Morgan, SIX runs, six number six! Just clears the midwicket fence this time. Length at middle and he gets low, right under it as he swipes across the line. ODI six number 200 as well, I'm informed

40.2 - Mohammad Nabi to Morgan, SIX runs, straight over the bowler! Whew! 91 metres from Morgan. Fired in at a length from around the wicket and it's as good as giving him throwdowns. So much width and he clubs through the line, on the rise

40.3 - Mohammad Nabi to Morgan, SIX runs, and now it's short. Morgan getting them to bowl where he wants them to bowl. Sits back for another mighty pull, a six over midwicket once again

42.2 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, clears the front leg, clears the boundary! Once again, might as well be throwing them down in the nets now. Quick, straight, overpitched at leg stump. Makes room and drills it in long-on's direction

42.4 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, number 10! Short at middle stump, gets deep and pumps it over deep square with a pull!

42.6 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, the fourth-fastest World Cup century! What a brute of an innings by Eoin Morgan. Unbelievable hitting. He's taken on everyone, including a man considered the best legspinner when it comes to white-ball cricket. Sends him over long-on again, clearing the front leg

44.1 - Rashid Khan to Root, SIX runs, I'll have some of that says Root as he runs down the pitch, possibly premeditatedly. He's not to the pitch but he goes through and slugs this length ball over long-on

44.1 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, full on middle stump, gets the stride out and nails the slog sweep. Gets it over deep square. Rashid doesn't know where to go now

44.6 - Rashid Khan to Morgan, SIX runs, clears long-off. This is just...obscene. Googly, wide outside off. So much room. So much Morgan - drilled again

45.3 - Dawlat Zadran to Morgan, SIX runs, looks like another! Length ball pushed across him. He makes room and checks his shot a touch after reaching out for it. Mid-off is in. This lands on the padding at the long-off boundary. He has 14 sixes

46.1 - Gulbadin Naib to Morgan, SIX runs, straight. You know it! Eoin Morgan gets one more in his hitting zone. He clears the front leg and slams it flat to long-off's left

46.2 - Gulbadin Naib to Morgan, SIX runs, equals the most number of sixes hit in an ODI innings! No. 16 for Morgan. Slower ball at a length outside off. So much time as he waits on it to arrive. He's set up for a slog and he sends it over wide long-on

46.5 - Gulbadin Naib to Morgan, SIX runs, ODI world record for sixes! A century in sixes for Morgan! 17! 102 runs with 17 shots. Full and just outside off, clears the front leg and pumps it into the boundary padding behind the bowler

48.1 - Rashid Khan to Ali, SIX runs, boom. Welcome back Rashid. Googly, tossed up outside off. Moeen gets the stride in and sends it flying over long-off

48.6 - Rashid Khan to Ali, SIX runs, and Moeen slugs over wide long-on to tip Rashid well into the pit. The most runs EVER conceded in a World Cup match. Length at middle stump, clears the front leg and swings like there's nothing to lose. Because there really isn't

49.4 - Dawlat Zadran to Ali, SIX runs, smoked over square leg! Gosh! Exactly the shots coaches train out of toddlers - front leg facing square leg, back leg rooted, head in the leg side, ball on the off. But those hands...phew. Clean swing as this slower ball rises up for him and he nails the connection

49.5 - Dawlat Zadran to Ali, SIX runs, drilled over wide long-on! Oh boy. 25th six. Most in an innings, ever, beating England's own record. Length ball on leg stump, gets the front leg out of the way and sends it sailing