Seven sixes in seven balls - Mohammad Nabi and Najibullah Zadran go bang!

Mohammad Nabi unleashes a pull shot during his whirlwind knock Getty Images

Tucked away in a lovely corner of the world called Dhaka - even as most were obsessed with the Ashes or rejoicing at the return of the Indian team onto their screens again - Afghanistan gave another reminder of just why they are one of THE most exciting teams in the world.

Mohammad Nabi and Najibullah Zadran turned a sleepy old T20 - the score was a mere 123 after 16 overs - into an absolute firecracker, hitting seven sixes in seven balls. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's Hemant Brar captured the mayhem.

It all began with Tendai Chatara

16.3 Chatara to Mohammad Nabi, SIX, legcutter from Chatara but too short and Nabi just waits at the back foot before pulling it way over the deep midwicket boundary

16.4 Chatara to Mohammad Nabi, SIX, fuller, doesn't miss the yorker by much but Nabi clears the front leg and makes full use of the bottom hand it smash it for a straight six

16.5 Chatara to Mohammad Nabi, SIX, three in three for Nabi! A low full toss on the stumps, Nabi was just standing very still in his crease and sends it over deep midwicket. Moves to 26 off 11

16.6 Chatara to Mohammad Nabi, SIX, is that the fourth one? Yes!!! Another low full toss from Chatara, this time outside off and Nabi moves towards the off stump and lofts it over deep extra cover. Another big over for Afghanistan - 26 from that

Then came Neville Madziva, the man who went toe-to-toe with MS Dhoni in the last over of a T20I and still came away with victory

17.1 Madziva to Najibullah Zadran, SIX, Madziva too disappears! Was a length ball and Najib just pulls it with utter disdain, over deep midwicket, that's fifth six in last five balls

17.2 Madziva to Najibullah Zadran, SIX, makes it six in six! Short, just outside off and pulled almost into the second tier this time, way over deep midwicket

17.3 Madziva to Najibullah Zadran, SIX, this is carnage! A slower one gone wrong, loopy delivery down the leg side, Najib helps it over fine leg. Another six. Seven now. This must be some kind of a record