Bradley Wiggins launches astonishing attack on Team Sky

Sir Bradley Wiggins (left) during the 2018 Team Wiggins Launch at lululemon, London. John Stillwell/PA Images via Getty Images

Former cycling champion Sir Bradley Wiggins has issued a scathing assessment of Team Sky and warned young riders to avoid the organisation.

Wiggins, 37, won the Tour de France as part of Team Sky but warned the promising Tom Piddock -- a signing for his new under-23s team -- to look elsewhere.

"Don't go to Sky, steer clear of them," he said. "Go somewhere else because they'll ruin you."

While Wiggins stopped short of passing comment on the ongoing doping investigation into his former teammate Chris Froome, he claims the situation surrounding Team Sky, who have won five of the last six Tour de France races, is bad for the sport.

Wiggins added: "They are not barbed jokes or digs, that's the reality of the sport at the moment.

"I saw the reports only last week from [the Ruta del Sol in] Andalusia, or wherever it was, and they are the best team in the world. How many races did they win last week? And there's a lot of talk about them at the moment and there's a lot of negative talk as well.

"Something has got to happen. Sky are running away with it. With the office blocks they bring with them [to races], it's difficult to compete, isn't it? Whether that helps performance or not, I don't know. Something has to change to even it out a bit."

Wiggins retired from the sport in December 2016 and has since competed as a rower.