Ryan expects Rangers to win AL West

Texas Rangers president Nolan Ryan has high expectations for the 2010 season: 92 wins.

"I just feel like that's a number that this ballclub should be able to reach," Ryan said Wednesday. "It's hard to sit here before we play a spring game and predict, but I feel like we have the depth and talent and we're capable of doing that.

"Anything can happen. The division could be balanced and you beat up on each other and you might win the division with 87 wins."

Ryan said he would be "disappointed" if the Rangers didn't win the American League West. The club won 87 games last season and finished second in the division, 10 games behind the Los Angeles Angels.

"A lot of people won't agree with me," Ryan said. "They'll say the Angels have more established starting pitching and Seattle has improved and their pitching is good. All those things are true. But I also think that we have a balanced ballclub and I think our club is coming together in a way that I think they are ready to make that move. There are so many factors that come into play, but I don't think we're asking players to perform like they haven't before. The key is to stay healthy."

Ryan is scheduled to travel to Surprise, Ariz., for spring training later this week and plans on attending most of the games leading into the season. He is entering his third season as club president.

He is in the process, with Pittsburgh sports attorney Chuck Greenberg, of finalizing a deal that would make him a part owner of the club while he continues in his role as head of baseball operations. The deal in place between Greenberg's group, Rangers Baseball Express, and Hicks Sports Group needs the approval of HSG's 40 lenders and Major League Baseball. It's possible that will happen just prior to Opening Day.

Richard Durrett covers the Rangers for ESPN Dallas. You can follow him on Twitter or leave a question for his weekly mailbag.