Sources: Michael Young still on block

The Texas Rangers have recently continued to explore a possible trade of Michael Young, according to sources.

Texas had talked extensively with teams at the winter meetings about Young -- Colorado, in particular -- and there was enough groundwork drawn there that a deal could eventually get pushed across the finish line. But it's not a sure thing that a Young deal is going to happen, because both the Rockies and Rangers would need concessions to complete a deal.

Colorado presumably would want some salary relief, considering how much Young is owed for the rest of his contract, and because the Rangers simply won't want to dump a very popular player.

Young's role has been altered dramatically in this offseason. First, the Rangers signed Adrian Beltre to play third base, and at that time the Rangers indicated they would use Young in a DH/super-utility position. But thereafter, the Rangers acquired Mike Napoli and pursued Jim Thome, and have kept in contact with Vladimir Guerrero.

The Orioles have made an offer to Guerrero in the range of $4.5 million to $5 million, but have been told that Guerrero has an $8 million offer to play elsewhere.

If the Rangers trade Young, they presumably would have at-bats at DH available.

Buster Olney is a senior writer covering Major League Baseball for ESPN The Magazine.