Ryan: Hicks didn't properly prep GM

SAN ANTONIO -- Nolan Ryan said Friday he probably should have asked former Rangers owner Tom Hicks to help facilitate his relationship with Jon Daniels, when Ryan joined the organization in 2008 as club president.

Daniels' first year as general manager of the Rangers was 2007, when he was just 28.

Ryan left the Rangers at the end of last season after owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson promoted Daniels to team president and gave him the final say on baseball matters.

Ryan is now an executive adviser with the Houston Astros.

"I don't think Tom Hicks prepped JD well and didn't oversee that relationship and make sure that it got off on the level that I think it probably should have," Ryan said before Friday's exhibition game between Texas and Houston at the Alamodome.

"I look back on it now, and I would've encouraged Tom to probably be more involved in that relationship all together with Tom and I and Jon."

Ryan said he's happy with his role with the Astros. He spent about 10 days in spring training with the club evaluating players on the big league club and in the minor leagues.

Ryan said he's not thrilled with the way his tenure in Texas ended, even though the Rangers made two trips to the World Series.

"I would say there were certain aspects when I was there that I was disappointed the way things worked out," Ryan said. "You know you can't control those things. You do what you think is in your best interest and the organization's best interest, and that's what I did."