Rangers food creations on tap

Ever wonder what it might be like to enjoy a bacon waffle while you watch a baseball game? What about a 24-inch crispy taco with ground beef, chicken and nacho cheese?

The Texas Rangers are giving fans the opportunity to find out.

After introducing the "Bacon on a Stick" at the start of this season and selling a good number of them, the club's catering service -- Delaware North Companies SportService -- is unveiling the "Bacon Waffle on a Stick" for $8.50 in time for the club's next homestand, starting June 24.

"The Bacon on a Stick has been one of the better new menu items we've ever launched," said Shawn Mattox, general manager of Metroplex SportService, which handles concession at Globe Life Park in Arlington. "We thought this would be a cool thing to do. When you see it on paper, you think, 'I don't know if that makes sense.' But when you taste it, it's good. You've got the savory, salty bacon and the sweet of the syrup with the waffle batter."

Fans can choose to have their bacon waffle stick dipped in maple syrup or topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Mattox says the club has sold about 400 or so of the "Bacon on a Stick" on average for each home game this season, which he says is a lot for a new menu item sold only at a few locations.

"We're only open 81 days and not everybody comes to all of those games," Mattox said. "It takes people longer to find new items, unlike something on a menu at a restaurant."

As for the "Tanaco," that item will be offered starting July 7 when the Houston Astros come to town. It's a 2-foot taco with a foot of seasoned ground beef and another foot of seasoned chicken topped with lettuce, nacho cheese, pico de gallo, sliced jalapenos and sour cream. It's called a "Tanaco" because it's a combination of a nacho and a taco and not named in honor New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. It will be sold at a stand behind home plate.

No, Mattox doesn't know the calorie count.

"We care about everybody's health and wellness and we do offer a lot of items in that genre, but we also like to offer a variety that you can't get anywhere else," Mattox said. "You can't get this anywhere else. We want ballpark to be a destination and food service is a big part of the experience."