Hot dog has high price tag

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Can you imagine picking up a one-pound hot dog that's nearly two feet long, let alone eating the entire thing in one sitting?

Well, Texas Rangers fans can give it a try. For $26, fans at the new Captain Morgan Club in center field and at several concession stands at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington can attempt to clog arteries with not only the large dog, but a slew of toppings.

By the time you add shredded cheese, chili, sautéed onions and fries, the entire plate could weigh two pounds. And it's likely to add more than that to your waist line.

"I don't know how many calories are in this thing, but it's got to be 2,000 or 3,000," said Casey Rapp, operations manager for Sportsservice, which handles concessions at the park.

It's called the "Champion Dog" in the restaurant and served on a cutting board. The waiter or waitress can even cut it into smaller pieces to share with friends. At the concession stands, it's known as the "Boomstick," in honor of Nelson Cruz. And for fans purchasing it there, a hefty carrier complete with handles is made available so it can be transported to any seating area.

"We did a half-pound hot dog during the World Series and wanted to top it," Rapp said. "Our company had to have the hot dog made special and we had to find a local bakery to make the bun. The bun is like a loaf of bread just to hold this thing."

Of course, the huge hot dog is supposed to serve four people, though there's bound to be a few folks that take up the challenge of consuming the culinary delight by themselves.

"I don't recommend it, but I'd be impressed," Rapp said. "It's almost as long as a youth bat. I'm sure fans will try it just to see if they can do it."

Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan believes that the one player in the clubhouse who could take up the challenge of consuming the club's new hot dog is outfielder David Murphy.

Murphy's teammates agreed. So does Murphy think he could do it?

"If it's plain, I think I could definitely do it," Murphy said. "I'm not a big topping guy. Usually when I eat my hot dog, it's with cheese. If I tried to do it by adding the chili, that would be a challenge. Even with the toppings, I'd be close."

Murphy, who participated in a food challenge as part of a Rangers' TV broadcast in recent years, notes that he's had a one-pound hamburger, though to finish off this dog, he'd have to eat a lot more bread.

Murphy likes the idea of trying something different at the park.

"You're always wanting to see something on the menu besides the norm," Murphy said. "You're used to going to the ballpark and seeing your hamburger, hot dog, popcorn, nachos. It's fun to see something different, and this is different."

The hot dog is just the latest example of going big in Texas. The Rangers introduced a three-pound pretzel last season and it was successful enough that it's making a return in 2012.

Fans can still purchase a "Jumbo Dog," which is the regular hot dog on game days that sells for $4.50. That dog weighs one-sixth of a pound, meaning it would take six of them to equal one "Boomstick."