Josh Hamilton backs Miguel Cabrera

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton is pulling for Detroit's Miguel Cabrera to win the AL Triple Crown, a feat that hasn't occurred since Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1967.

Hamilton, who is one home run in front of Cabrera, admitted he has kept an eye on Cabrera's progress and is excited for him.

"It would be pretty special," Hamilton said. "He's got to hit more home runs. I'm not going to stop playing. But I'm rooting for him."

Prior to Tuesday's games, Cabrera led the league in batting average at .331 and RBIs with 133. He has 42 home runs. Hamilton, who won the AL MVP in 2010, returned to the lineup on Monday after missing the previous five games and hit a home run in his third at-bat to take the AL lead with 43.

Hamilton will continue to watch and see how Cabrera does.

"As a fan of the game, I enjoy watching other guys succeed in what they do," Hamilton said.