Mike Adams questions Josh Hamilton

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Reliever Mike Adams said this week he wasn't sure which Josh Hamilton was going to show up at the ballpark each day and isn't sure whether re-signing the free agent outfielder is in the best interest of the Texas Rangers.

"Josh is a special talent and sometimes you have to let Josh figure it out himself," Adams told "Inside Pitch" on Sirius XM's MLB Network Radio this week when asked about Hamilton's personality and struggles at the end of the season. "He's a different guy sometimes. Every day you hope that Josh comes to the ballpark, shows up and plays like Josh Hamilton.

"Sometimes he shows up and you don't know which Josh is going to show up at the ballpark. It's nothing to be negative about toward Josh; that's just the way it is. That's what you get with Josh."

Adams was asked by hosts Casey Stern and Jim Bowden if he thought the Rangers would re-sign Hamilton.

"You want to see a guy like him succeed just with the past that he's gone through, but as far as if he'll be a Texas Ranger, I don't know," Adams said. "I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not sure if it's in the best interest of the Texas Rangers or not. That question is so hard. It's a difficult question to answer."

Adams, who has played for the Rangers the past 1½ seasons, is a free agent. He's said he'd like to return to Texas, but will do what's best for his family now that he has a chance to see what his value is on the open market.

Adams said he'd like to have Hamilton's bat in his lineup.

"I know I would love for him to be on my team because I know what he's capable of doing," said Adams, who added he thinks Hamilton gives it "100 percent" every time he's out there. "He's so talented sometimes that maybe it comes so easy sometimes that he thinks he can hit every pitch that's thrown. That's where he gets faulted sometimes. He's so good that every pitcher he sees, he swings."