GM: Jurickson Profar could stick

Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said Friday the club is considering keeping Jurickson Profar in the big leagues when Ian Kinsler returns from the disabled list, which could be as early as Sunday.

"If Wash [manager Ron Washington] can find ways to mix him in and, both for his sake but maybe more importantly to rest other guys -- both guys that are banged up a little bit and also guys that are slumping a little bit -- then I think it makes sense to keep him," Daniels said during an appearance on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Fitzsimmons and Durrett show. "If we're not going to use him that way, then we'll send him down."

Daniels acknowledged the club has talked about moving Profar to the outfield if he is sent down to Triple-A Round Rock to make him more versatile.

"I don't know if we'd make him a full-time outfielder, but there are plenty of guys that break in at different positions to get their bats in the lineup," Daniels said. "That's something that's been talked about and something we may do."

In previous years, with a "set club," the decision to send Profar down to Triple-A to play every day would be easy, Daniels said. But with a team that is struggling to hit the ball with any consistency, the club is discussing keeping Profar in the big leagues if he can get enough playing time.

"We don't have nine guys that are killing it," Daniels said. "We don't have nine guys that are 100 percent healthy. The discussion we're having is are we better mixing him in, keeping other guys fresh, letting other guys get healthy.

"[It's] a little like a meritocracy. Play the guy that deserves it. Play the most productive players and give Wash the best chance to put a lineup out there that can be productive."

Daniels said he has a number in mind of how many games he would like Profar to play but wouldn't share that number.

"I think we're all watching the games right now, and you can find guys that could use a day off, it looks like," Daniels said. "That's the conversation we're having. If we had 1 through 9 healthy, 1 through 9 productive, there aren't any spots. But I don't think we have that right now, so we have to continue to talk about it."

Daniels was asked about the trade deadline, and he made it clear that he wants to see more from his team before determining exactly what he needs to do -- or can do -- to bolster it.

"We need to play well. We always want to be a buyer," he said. "The last three or four years we've been in that mode and it's a lot more fun than the alternative, but we need to play well to put ourselves in that position and I think we will. Most of our preparation is looking at who's going to be available and what can we do and who can we add?

"But we still have six weeks before the deadline, and a lot can happen between now and then. I'm expecting the energy level to pick up and we'll get healthy and we'll play better. But before we start looking at what's out there, we have to get better internally first."