Mark Cuban: Mavs worth over $1B

Many NBA owners would be happy to own a franchise worth $765 million, but Mark Cuban says Forbes' valuation of the Dallas Mavericks is "way too low."

Forbes has the Mavericks eighth in its ranking of NBA team values, but Cuban said if prospective buyers offered him the magazine's valuation of $765 million, he would "laugh at them."

"I think we're worth well over a billion," Cuban said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "I think within the next five years, and this is just a guess, if the economy continues to get a little better and sports still stays in demand, every NBA franchise will be worth at least a billion dollars."

That may be optimistic, considering Forbes valued 11 of the league's 30 teams at under $500 million. The New York Knicks top Forbes' list at $1.4 billion, while the Milwaukee Bucks were ranked as least valuable at $405 million.

Cuban, who's owned the Mavs since 2000, then joked it would cost "$100 trillion" -- literally more than all the money in the world in terms of gross world product -- to pry his team away from him.

The outspoken owner also said he wants the Mavericks to become a family business.

"I hope so," he said. "I always tell my kids it's their empire to [mess] up."