Rick Carlisle criticizes officiating

After declining to comment following the NBA office's admission that referees blew a critical call against the Mavericks earlier this week, owner Mark Cuban fired a quick jab at the refs Thursday night, and coach Rick Carlisle added his own criticism of late-game officiating in the league.

"Cant wait to see what the NBA says about this no call with 2 secs left. #2gamseinarow," Cuban tweeted with seconds remaining in the Mavs' 100-97 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Cuban, who tweeted before Vince Carter's desperate 3-point attempt fell short at the buzzer, was referring to Warriors center Andrew Bogut's block of Brandan Wright's potential go-ahead shot with six seconds remaining. Replays showed that Bogut went straight up with his arm and got all ball, although Wright flailed his arms.

However, Carlisle shared Cuban's opinion on the no-call, also criticizing the officiating.

"Look, the game came down to the call that wasn't made," Carlisle said. "Brandan Wright got hit in the arm and it's obvious. It's two (games) in a row."

The loss dropped the Mavs to 19-27, five games behind the Houston Rockets for eighth place in the Western Conference standings.

"We put ourselves in position," Carlisle said. "I don't know what you want to call it at the end. Unlucky? Whatever you want to call it. Screwed? It happened."

Cuban is not on this road trip for the Mavs, who blew a 21-point lead in Tuesday's loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, when a critical call went against Dallas with 1.5 seconds remaining at the Rose Garden.

After video review the next day, the NBA office admitted that Mavs guard O.J. Mayo was incorrectly called for a charge. Mayo should have been granted two free throws because "Portland's Ronnie Price did not get his body directly in Mayo's path prior to him starting his upward shooting motion," according to an NBA statement.

"I'm disappointed and I'm very concerned," Carlisle said. "Concerned about what's happening at the end of games with the officials. I can only be honest."

Moments later, Carlisle added: "I've never been one to make it about the officials. So I don't want to wallow in this too much. But it's a fact that two nights in a row, miscalls have really hurt us, and I'm disappointed by it."

Cuban declined to comment when contacted about the NBA's admission Wednesday. He has been fined more than $1.5 million during his 13-year ownership tenure, mostly for publicly criticizing officiating, including $50,000 earlier this month after tweeting that he had "tried for 13 (years) to fix the officiating in this league and I have failed miserably."

Information from ESPNDallas.com contributor Joe Kaiser was used in this report.