Videos show Leach dressing down team

Former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach is seen yelling at his team -- including threatening the living situation of players -- in two postgame locker room videos released Thursday.

The videos, from the 2009 season, were obtained by Orangebloods.com under the Texas Open Records Act. In them, Leach calls one group of players "God squad guys" and tells others "you're going to live somewhere else."

The unedited, expletive-filled videos were taken by a Texas Tech film crew inside the postgame locker room.

After a 20-13 victory over Baylor on Nov. 28, 2009, Leach is seen criticizing his players and ripping into them for thinking a close loss to Texas was acceptable.

"There's a couple of you guys that your current living situation is going to change," Leach says. "We've got several of you, particularly on offense, all you do is pull mediocrity out of one another. Well, you're going to live somewhere else. Last time I checked, we're paying the [expletive] bills."

After a 42-21 victory over Kansas on Oct. 31, 2009, Leach questions a group of players and calls them "God squad guys."

"Your whole head's got to be on defense," Leach said. "Your whole head has to be on offense. Your whole head for that play has to be on special teams. If you're not doing that, you guys who are throwing the book around all the time, you're defying the book."

Leach was fired with cause as coach at Texas Tech in December with four years remaining on a five-year, $12.7 million contract. The move came two days after Leach was suspended amid allegations that he mistreated Texas Tech receiver Adam James, the son of ESPN analyst and former NFL player Craig James. The school contends it owes Leach nothing because he was guilty of insubordination after filing for a restraining order to coach his team in the Alamo Bowl after being suspended.

Leach has sued the school for breach of contract, slander and libel and claims he is entitled to the $10 million that was left on his contract plus damages.

Leach began a deposition on Friday in Lubbock as part of a lawsuit he has filed against Texas Tech. A gag order has been placed on both parties in the lawsuit by the judge overseeing the case.

Reached on Thursday, Leach said he could not comment on the video because of the gag order, according to Orangebloods.com. Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers, reached in Kansas City at the Big 12 basketball tournament, also declined to comment because of the gag order.

Information from ESPNDallas.com reporter Jeff Caplan is included in this report.