Mack Brown: No plans to retire

AUSTIN, Texas -- Mack Brown is not leaving.

Not now. Not after 63-21.

"I'm way too competitive and have way too much pride to leave something bad," the Texas coach said. "I'm going to get this fixed."

It's the same mantra that brought Brown back after 2010. After that 5-7 season, Brown changed his staff, bringing in two young coordinators (Bryan Harsin on offense and Manny Diaz on defense) and new coaches on both sides of the line (Bo Davis on defense and Stacy Searels on offfense). Darrell Wyatt came on as the wide receivers coach, and Bennie Wylie became the strength and conditioning coach.

While there were bumps in 2011, there was promise, too. Brown, who was awarded a contract extension through 2020 after 2011, believed the corner was being turned and was already pointing to 2013 and 2014 as a return to prominence for Texas. Reality hit against Oklahoma. Texas, a team that was on the cusp of the top 10 two weeks ago, was exposed as a team that has not changed all that much from 2011 or even 2010.

And the coach said he will not leave until that change has happened.

"There will be some people that say he thought about retiring before and he may quit," Brown said. "I told them that if somebody is telling you to quit, don't. In your life if you start quitting, then you're a quitter. You need to compete. You don't sign up for just the good days.

"When you come to a place like this it is really important that you win. And when you lose it is really important to people that we get it fixed, and that is what we need to do.''

Brown is resolved to do just that.

"I have my energy," he said. "I'm moving forward, and we are darn sure going to get this thing fixed."

If only Brown knew how. The past two-plus years have some questioning whether the 15-year veteran Texas coach does. No one inside the program has those questions -- at least not those who are presented publicly.

When quarterback David Ash was asked about the Brown criticism, his answer was succinct: "Stop."

"People are going to bandwagon hop," said wide receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Well, actually, people are first going to have to dust themselves off after being run over by the Sooner Schooner yet again. The 63-21 loss was the fourth blowout by 38 or more points against the Sooners in the Brown era. It was also the second blowout loss in the row.

"The head coach is responsible," Brown said, falling on the sword for his team and assistants.

But the assistants, particularly Harsin and Diaz, have had to bear some of the burden. Brown told them Sunday to be prepared to do just that.

"The message is to make sure that you are really hard on yourself because it is really easy to blame other people," Brown told his assistants. "Youth is not an excuse. It's a fact but it's not an excuse. Strength levels are not an excuse. Speed is not an excuse. Just make sure that you look at the hard facts."

"At this school you will be really criticized for not doing well in a ballgame," Brown said. "And you take it and man up to it and move on. That's part of the reason you get paid a lot, and that is part of the deal here."

For the foreseeable future, Brown will be part of the deal at Texas as well.