Phillips: 'We think we can win'

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said his team isn't scared of its upcoming game against the undefeated New Orleans Saints on Saturday night.

The Saints lead the NFL in scoring at 35.8 points per game and have averaged 426.1 yards per game.

"Usually when people say you can't do something, people bow up and have a lot of pride," Phillips said before Thursday's practice. "I think it helps. I don't think our confidence is we can't do it and we got to do something else to be able to do it."

Phillips said the team doesn't feel a sense of desperation going into this game.

"We have confidence in our football team. We're not going to cow down to these guys. We think we can win. Every game we've been in so far, we thought we could win. I believe we feel the same way going into this one."

Calvin Watkins covers the Cowboys for ESPN Dallas. You can follow him on Twitter or leave a question for his weekly mailbag.