Bryant's mom wants apology from Miami

The mother of Dallas Cowboys draft pick Dez Bryant wants an apology for a question Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland asked her son in a pre-draft interview, saying that her distant past conviction on drug charges is unfairly being used against her son.

ESPN, however, has learned that Angela Bryant has had a more recent run-in with the law.

"When they couldn't find enough dirt on him, they went to that," she told Fanhouse.com on Monday. "It was almost like a scheme. They should never have put that kind of thing or question on him. Whatever reason they chose to do that, they are talking about my charges of 12 years ago and running with it. I'm not OK with it. But we are both going to be OK."

It had previously been known that Angela Bryant was convicted for selling crack cocaine in 1997 and served 18 months in prison.

Lufkin, Texas, police records acquired by ESPN on Monday show that she also was arrested in April 2009 after she was caught selling crack cocaine to police informants. In August, she was found guilty of two felony counts for possession of a controlled substance and the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, and she was sentenced to 10 years' probation.

Yahoo Sports first reported that Ireland had asked Bryant during a pre-draft interview if his mother was a prostitute. SI.com later reported that Ireland's question was a follow-up to Bryant saying his father was a pimp and his mother worked for his father. Bryant denied ever telling Ireland his father was a pimp.

"I just want to talk about the Cowboys and what I'm doing. I put that in the past," Bryant told reporters Friday after the Cowboys' rookie minicamp. "I'm just going to move on, I really don't even want to speak on it anymore. I feel fine, things are great. I'm just looking ahead now."

Ireland apologized for the line of questioning in a statement released by the Dolphins and in a phone call to Dez Bryant, but he never contacted Angela.

"I think he should have," she told Fanhouse.com. "Why wouldn't you do that?"