Sources: Marion Barber was fined

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber was fined an undisclosed amount for failing to comply with interim coach Jason Garrett's new dress code for charter flights, according to two sources.

Garrett, who has stressed discipline since taking over for fired head coach Wade Phillips last week, requires players to wear a sportscoat, tie, slacks and dress shoes on charter flights. Barber, a team captain, wore a sportscoat, untucked shirt with no tie, jeans and sneakers on the Cowboys' flights to and from New Jersey this weekend.

Barber was one of several players fined for various disciplinary infractions, according to the sources. Barber, who usually ignores the NFL's rules regarding media access, declined to comment after the 33-20 win over the New York Giants.

"We lay out expectations for our players for all different kinds of behaviors," Garrett said Monday. "There will be consequences if they don't follow those procedures, and we'll keep those consequences in-house."

Barber did not start for the first time this season, but Garrett said that was not a punitive action. Garrett said the first play of the game was designed for Felix Jones, who gained 10 yards on a run to the left side. Barber entered the game on the next play and had three consecutive carries.

Garrett said Barber would remain a captain. However, Garrett acknowledged that captains embracing the things he emphasizes and serving as an example for the rest of the team is "an important part of the process."

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