Garrett alters sideline operation

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has changed the sideline operation for Sunday's game against the New York Giants so that he will have direct contact with quarterback Tony Romo on the field as in previous seasons, according to a league source.

Garrett, however, will continue to have offensive coordinator Bill Callahan call the plays. The change will also provide Garrett greater control of the play-calling as he can more easily make changes before delivering to Romo the call in the huddle.

The Cowboys made the changes during their bye week.

Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson will be relocated from the sideline to the upstairs coaching booth to assist Callahan in reading coverages. Until now, Callahan called the plays upstairs and relayed them to Wilson on the sideline and he communicated them to Romo. League rules forbid coaches from communicating with players directly from anywhere except the sideline.

With Wilson upstairs, Garrett will now take the call from Callahan and -- presuming he doesn't change it -- tell the quarterback through the the equipment in Romo's helmet.