Eli on Ebola: 'I think we'll be fine'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants are briefing their players on the Ebola virus in advance of the team's trip to Dallas for Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

Giants team medical personnel were briefed on the disease and then provided information to the players via email this week, with instructions to contact team medical personnel with any questions they might have.

The NFL sent a newsletter outlining the basic facts about the Ebola virus to all team doctors and trainers for distribution to players and staff. The league said Wednesday the newsletter was written by the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network, the league's infectious disease consultants, and sent to the league's 32 teams on Monday.

There have been three confirmed cases of the disease in Dallas, but for the most part the Giants do not seem overly concerned.

"I'm not worried about myself or the team," quarterback Eli Manning said. "With what we're doing and where we're staying, I think we'll be fine."

The team is well aware of the disease and has been following the national coverage, so it is a part of the players' consciousness as they prepare for the trip.

"I think guys might think twice if they were planning to bring their wives or their families with them on a trip like this, because why take a chance?" cornerback Prince Amukamara said. "But I think the team is doing a good job making sure we have all of the information we need."

The two doctors who signed the newsletter sent to NFL teams advised that they did not need to screen players or staff to make sure they have not had close contact with anyone who traveled to or from areas where Ebola is now endemic.

"We do recommend that medical personnel educate their players and staff about the need to inform club medical personnel in the unlikely event that they actually have such contact,'' the doctors wrote.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett seemed caught off-guard when asked if he had to address his team about Ebola.

"Really haven't, to be honest with you,'' Garrett said. "I don't think it has directly affected us. So it hasn't been something we have addressed directly with our players."

The newsletter ends with the recommendation that, if any NFL personnel encounter situations or questions about possible exposure to Ebola in team personnel or their family members, they seek advice from either an infectious diseases specialist affiliated with their team, team physicians, or with their local health department.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.