Dez Bryant: My focus is on Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant countered critical statements by Deion Sanders, saying Wednesday that he's ready to move on from any negative perceptions that exist about him.

Sanders, a former mentor to Bryant, told Atlanta's WCNN on Tuesday that the Cowboys are more concerned than he is about the young player. But the 22-year-old receiver told 103.3 FM's "Ben and Skin Show" that there is no reason to worry.

"All I know is everybody's entitled to their own opinion," Bryant said. "In my eyes, I feel like the Cowboys have nothing to worry about. I'm getting everything done like I'm supposed to do. I'm ready to go out and play football and do what I do best."

Bryant congratulated Sanders for his upcoming induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and insisted that he's not caught up in any differences between himself and the former NFL cornerback.

"My focus is on the Cowboys," Bryant said. "Whatever is said about that situation that can be said, I'm done with it, I'm just ready to move on."

Sanders had said that Bryant had lied to him when he decided to stop working with the receiver. That came on the heels of Bryant having a run-in with police at a Dallas-area shopping mall. Bryant also found his name in court over unpaid jewelry bills.

Bryant's relationship with Sanders ran afoul of NCAA regulations and caused the receiver's career at Oklahoma State to be cut short. Sanders continued to mentor him until the former Cowboy said he thought Bryant would negatively influence his youth program.

"It's hard to talk to a person when they have millions, man, because there is so much noise in their life," Sanders said on the Atlanta radio station. "Everybody around them is employed and they have 'yes men.' You gotta start hiring a 'no man.'"

Bryant said his tight group of close friends includes just three people. He also said he feels he's resolved any recent issues.

"There were problems," Bryant said. "There was some stuff that I didn't understand that I do understand now that could've been a problem. ... I'm just ready to go. I got my priorities straight, I'm just ready to go out and do my job."