Deion Sanders gets charter school

After schooling opponents on the football field, Deion Sanders is taking his game to the classroom after his Hall of Fame career.

The former Dallas Cowboys defensive back was granted a charter by the Texas State Board of Education on Friday to create PrimeU Prep Academy, a school that will focus not only on the academic development of its students, but also their athletic aspirations.

PrimeU Prep Academy, approved by a vote of 8-4, was among 15 non-profits vying for 11 charters that include public funding. Sanders ranks receiving the charter among the top accomplishments of his career.

"It was pretty much one of the best moments of my life because it's not about you," Sanders said. "It's about the countless number of kids that will be blessed from this school."

Sanders said the school will open for children ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade in fall 2012 with two campuses, one in Oak Cliff at the former site of Lobias Murray Christian Academy and one in Fort Worth at Charity Church.

Sanders said the plan for the school is to create a union between the best academic teaching and the best athletic training the Metroplex has to offer.

"We plan on marrying the best of teachers academically, some of the best students academically, some of the best athletes together -- the best attitudes, the best passion and desire all intertwined to educate these guys to raise company CEOs, and not employees," Sanders said.

Students interested in enrolling at PrimeU Prep will be able to register online to be put into a lottery for acceptance.
Sanders said they are expecting an onslaught of registrations.

Sanders said it is still uncertain what athletic league PrimeU Prep will be in for junior high and high school competition, but he mentioned the University Interscholasitc League and the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools as options.

Travis Brown covers high school sports for ESPNDallas.com.