Source: Cowboys won't join lawsuit

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will not join Dan Snyder if the Washington Redskins owner files a lawsuit to prevent the start of free agency while challenging the salary-cap penalties imposed on both franchises by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last year.

"We are not involved and we won't become involved," a Cowboys source said.

The Washington Post reported that the Redskins are considering going to court to seek an injunction to delay the start of free agency while the team attempts to resolve a cap penalty levied against it by the NFL last year, attempting to recoup some of the lost cap space.

Free agency is set to begin after 4 p.m. ET on March 12, when the 2013 league year officially begins.

The NFL stripped the Redskins of $36 million in cap space that the team split over two seasons. The Cowboys lost $10 million in cap space. The two teams challenged the penalties last year but an arbitrator dismissed their grievances.

The league took issue with how the Redskins, Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders restructured contracts to take advantage of a year of uncapped salaries in the NFL during the 2010 season.