Dez says he's found himself

IRVING, Texas -- The quiet offseason that has surrounded Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is no accident.

"I found myself," Bryant said Tuesday after the Cowboys' first organized team activity. "I'm comfortable with my life. I'm enjoying being in the NFL. I wish it could've been a couple years back, but I had to go through a couple of things to figure it out. I think I got it and I'm just more focused on my job and doing what I love to do and that's playing football."

Off-field issues played a part in Bryant slipping to the Cowboys with the 24th pick in the first round in 2010. Last July, Bryant was arrested after an incident with his mother, Angela, but the misdemeanor family violence charge was conditionally dismissed in November and will disappear providing Bryant attends counseling and is not charged with any crimes for a year. Bryant and the Cowboys agreed to guidelines that were in place following the arrest.

"Listening and looking at people who do it right," said Bryant when asked what has helped him turn a corner in his life. "When I was younger it wasn't like I was acquainted with all that stuff. I wasn't used to it. I had to get around people who do it right and I feel like that's been my stepping stone, these older guys."

Bryant joined the NFL's elite receivers last season after catching 92 passes for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns. Earlier this offseason he talked about 2,000 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns as a goal.

On Tuesday he would not get into specifics about his on-field accomplishments. He was more open about his off-field situation.

"This is my job," he said. "This is something I love to do. I don't worry too much about if I'm comfortable or not. I'm all in. I'm focused on other things, that's just being right and helping out the younger guys."