WR chased animals to lose weight

OXNARD, Calif. -- Dallas Cowboys receiver Dwayne Harris checked into training camp weighing 199 pounds, down eight or nine pounds from a year ago.

How did he do it? He ate better, worked out a little more -- and chased animals.

Yes, chased animals. If you have visions of "Rocky II" with Sylvester Stallone chasing chickens around, you're not far off.

"I'd just go out, man, and look for stuff to run after," Harris said. "All kinds of stuff. Rabbits. Cats. Everything. Especially when I was back at home with my mom [in Stone Mountain, Ga.]. We live in the woods, so there was a lot of stuff running out there."

His favorite target, though, was his dog, Polo, a pit bull.

"I'd chase after him because he doesn't want to come home," Harris said.

Polo is now 6.

"He's not as quick as he used to be, but he's pretty fast," Harris said. "He can run straight ahead."