Dez Bryant buys PS4s for shoppers

Christmas came early for several shoppers at a Dallas Wal-Mart, with Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant playing the role of Santa Claus.

Bryant showed up to purchase a Sony PlayStation 4 on the night of the new video game system's launch, and decided on a whim to buy one for several other shoppers who were waiting in line.

The PlayStation 4 retails for about $400.

At local video game stores across North Texas, gamers waited outside for the new PS4 to be released.

A few of the shoppers tweeted about Bryant's generosity, including one man who posted a picture of himself posing with Bryant at the store.

Bryant likes to boast that he's the world's best "Madden" video game player on PlayStation. He's challenged fans and teammates online to games. He has a few new friends to play against now.

"Holy crap, @Dez Bryant is cool ... just bought a bunch of people PS4s, wish I was there lol," tweeted Ben Freeman.