Mailbag: Give us your impressions, deer!

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    ESPNOutdoors.com user Benny Marek recently sent us this photograph that was just too good not to share.

    "This photo is not altered, doctored or modified in any way!" claims Marek, who snapped the image on his ranch in Texas' McCulloch County. "It was taken with my trail camera along with over 100 other photos of deer and turkey, but this picture I thought was unique."

    We'll say! Talk about bizarre behavior! Or maybe not, according to our own Tom Miranda, host of ESPN2's "Advantage Adventures."

    "I have seen this many times, especially in Texas," Miranda said of the snapshot. "These doe are just about ready to box, like you would envision a pair of
    kangaroo doing it. The ears laid back on both indicate they are in fighting mode. The picture timing couldn't have been more perfect for the pair to be
    standing and facing off."

    We're hoping you can send us photos of any unusual game behavior you have witnessed.

    Meanwhile, come up with your own caption for this shot of dueling does and share any short, strange stories of game in the field below. We'll post some of the entries right here, so check back soon.

    Name: (City and State):

    Got a cutline for this photo? Or a wild story of wild-animal behavior in the field?
    Share them right here:

    Your captions for the "dueling does" photo above … and :

    Chris T. (St. Petersburg, Fla.): Ouch! Hot sand! Hot sand! Hot sand! Hot sand!

    Andrew (Ulen, Minn.): Now do you get reception?

    Steve Wojo (Highland, N.Y.): I don't care if you were raised in the wild by prairie dogs, GET DOWN!!

    C.J. (Indianapolis): It's your turn to distract that guy in the tree while I sneek up from behind and whallop him.

    Greg (Huntington, W.V.): Hey, Macarena!!!!!!!

    Shawn (Houston, Texas): Dude, where's my car?

    Kyle (Columbia, S.C.): "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

    Zeb Daniel (Conway, Ark.): Homer Simpson: "Do!"

    Brandon (Athens, GA): Happy hour at the feeder starts at 6. Wanna go lick some salt before then?

    Mike (Paramus, N.J.): Does this fur make me look fat?

    Dan (Bayonne, N.J.): "Does this new camo look good?" "Yeah, how about mine?"

    Christopher (Minnesota): They won't shoot us if they think we're prairie dogs. It's an old ninja trick. I learned about it on "Animal Planet."

    Deb (Freeport, Maine): Deer on right: "I pledge allegiance to the flag …."

    T.O. supporter: I see this site now features two legged animals in their natural enviroment as well as being forced to run around with a ball.

    Jaret Gordon (Columbia, Mo.): "Are you trying to mess with my man? I know you don't want to be doe slapped!"

    Los Angeles: "Oh no you deardn't!"

    Jeff (Monroe, La): Insider picture from the next "Rocky".

    Dr. A (Memphis, Tenn.): Is this gonna be on SportsCenter?

    Cody (Oklahoma City, Okla.): Quick! Back down on all fours and look natural, the Earthlings are coming and this time I want to get a clean shot.

    Sara (Columbus Ohio): "What's new?" "I just saved 15 percent by switching to Geico."

    Dan (Laconia, N.H.): Deer #1: "You see him?" Deer #2: "Nope. You see him?" Deer #1: "Nope. That sucker is still looking in the woods for us! Lets take his lunch."

    Bill (Bastrop, La.): "Tail" of the tape.

    Joe (Janesville, Minn.): Reach for the sky, Pilgrim

    Travis (Oklahoma Ctiy, Okla): I can't believe you're wearing the same dress as me!!

    Bryan (Green Bay, Wis.): I saw that ten pointer first. No, I was out with him last week. Now find your own man!!!

    Doug (Houston, Texas): Someone spiked the feed with Viagara.

    Norm (Cincinnati, Ohio): You'll have to come back next year because you're still not tall enough to ride this ride.

    Jeff (Appleton, Wis.): I don't see what the big deal is; anyone can stand on two legs.

    Jason (Waltham, Mass.): Now all we need are some orange vests and we're all set.

    Scott (Wetumpka, Ala.): Who are you calling a "doe"?

    J. Earl (Oregon, Ill.): "We'll double-dutch when Betty gets here with the jump ropes."

    Harry (Cockner, Mo.): How's it doeing?

    Matt (Hudsonville, Mich.): Too sexy for the fields, these two does decide to strut ther stuff on the runway.

    Brock (Albany, N.Y.): Somewhere in Mississippi: "Maybe this will scare the dogs away!"

    Garrett (Dove Creek, Colo.): I bet those idiot out-of-staters won't recognize us now

    Brad Ryan (Pittsburgh, Pa.): Yes, deer, I do know how to doe-see-doe.

    Amarus (Washington, D.C.): Hey. buddy, were not measuring until you stop standing up on youre toes.

    Ken (Atlanta): Pardon me, deery, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?

    Shawn (Spartanburg, S.C.): You sure you don't see any more hunters around?

    Troy (Edwards, Calif.): Bump, bump, bump … CONGA LINE!

    Rick (Thomasville, N.C.): Morning, Ralph. Morning, Sam.

    Tim Gaines (Michigan): Darn it!! The camera does work; now we will have to walk on two legs all the time. … Or, Man I never can make it all the way back before that camera takes the picture.

    Josh (Oxford, Miss.): Taekwando, Texas style.

    Grant (Trumann, Ark.): Now all we need to do is grab a gun and aim while they're drinking their coffee.

    Justin (Sioux City, Iowa): Punch me in the mouth, I deer ya!

    Cecil Stehr (Texas): Dueling Bambis

    Rick (Salt Lake, Utah): Anything you can do, I can do better!

    Kevin (Poplar, Mont.): Does this fur make our butts look fat?

    Mark (Huntsville, Ala.): Doe 1: This is so over-rated. Doe 2: I dont know why humans think this is so good. Doe 1: Well I gotta go, have to cook acorn soup, its Bob's birthay.

    Steve (Indianapolis, Ind.): "Tastes great" … "Less filling"

    Scott (Superior, Wis.): Well I'll be, isn't that just the best looking feeder ya'll ever seen.

    Chris (Houston, Texas): Hey, Darwin was right, we are evolving!

    Dan Rau (Lebanon, Pa.):"You really think that by doing this we will actually end up impressing someone?" … "Well, only if it ends up on ESPN.com"

    Sean (Chicago, Ill.): Does this hide make my butt look big?

    Brad (Springville, Ind.): Swing your partner, round and round, dosi doe.

    Jan (Rockford, Ill.): I can't believe we wore the same dress to the party!

    Jake Logsdon (Louisville, Ky.):Texas two-step

    Ron (Germantown, Md.): Really, does this outfit make my butt look big?

    Corey Sass (St. Paul, Minn.): No, I can last longer … 30 … 31 … 32 … 33 … 34 … 35 … 36 …

    Dan Frieden (Moline, Ill.): How long do we have to put on this charade of walking on four legs

    … Your wild tales of game behavior in the field

    Kyle Bolen (McCamey, Texas): One day I was sitting in a blind with my daughter and an Axis buck walked up about 15 minutes before the feeder was supposed to go off. These deer are all over the Hill Country after being introduced by some ranchers to provide high-dollar hunts for more income. He stood around for a while, and then walked under the feeder and stood on his back feet. He used his horns to bump the spin plate and make corn fall onto the ground. He would then eat the corn that had fallen. He did this three or four times, so I know he was not doing it by accident. My daughter and I nearly fell out of the stand laughing at this strange behavior.

    Steve (Bowie, Md.): I'm a hunter and have also seen this type of activity, amongst other things. Those two are definitely about to gouge an eye.

    Graham (Texas): I got two doe fighting on tape last year; craziest thing I've ever seen. Looked just like boxing kangaroos.

    Brock (Albany, N.Y.): About three years ago, I was driving along a rural road near my hometown of York, Pa., and as I looked into a field where I normally see many deer. I pulled over and looked to see if there were any bucks in the field. I did not see any that day, but what I did see was two does that seemed to be fighting. The two were about 75 yards from the road and I watched as they stood on their hind legs and began to seemingly swat at each other. It was an interesting sight, and one that I had not thought much about until seeing this photograph here.

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