Mel Kiper's latest 2010 Big Board

It's getting to the time in the college football season when juniors who have a decent sense of their stock have to be thinking about the next level. When I do the Big Board, I try not to include juniors unless they are within the top 15 because up until that point, there's still a tough call regarding whether they should stay in school or enter the draft. It's an imperfect science, but that's generally where I draw the line. As the season has advanced, I've bent a little -- as you can see, Jahvid Best is hanging on at No. 19 on the current board -- and now, like everyone else, I'll be waiting in the coming weeks to see who will definitively be in or out of the draft. But at this point, we have a pretty good idea.

In terms of the juniors currently on the board, they're where they are because they all have a solid first-round grade in my eyes, the one wild card being Sam Bradford. There's no question the guy has first-round talent -- he could have been the top pick over Matthew Stafford were he in last year's draft -- but we need to get a better feel for the marketplace of opinion on his health. You can catch my opinions on all these juniors in Behind the Big Board.

Big Board Bar1Ndamukong SuhDT6-4300 Analysis: Explosive, relentless and consistent. Last week: No. 1

2Gerald McCoyDT6-4297 Analysis: Disruptive force. Productive NFL career ahead. Last week: No. 3

3Eric BerryDB5-11203 Analysis: Ultimate playmaker, in the Ed Reed mold. Last week: No. 2

4Carlos DunlapDE6-6290 Analysis: Physical tools are off the charts. Has unlimited upside. Last week: No. 4

5Sam BradfordQB6-4223 Analysis: Has underrated arm, great feel for position; is superaccurate. Last week: No. 5