Vitale: Remembering a legendary broadcaster

Vitale: The "Sweet 16" All-Scribe Team

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Vitale's All-Radio Voices Team


During my travels across the country, I meet a lot of guys who have a passion and love for college hoops. Let me share with you my Sweet 16, who have a special feeling for the sport.

They are the radio voices for their universities, and they know everything about those teams inside and out.

They are the radio voices for their respective universities, and they know everything about those teams inside and out. They certainly follow the national scene too. Whenever I want a bit of information, I make sure I chat with many of these people.

There are probably a lot of guys I am leaving off this list who do a fantastic job as well. I can't meet everybody, so here is my list.

If you get a chance, listen to these guys. You will hear the enthusiasm and energy they generate for college basketball. Anyone who has a special love for the game is special to me.

I present the All-Cawood Ledford Team -- in honor of the the legendary Kentucky broadcaster -- in alphabetical order:

Joe D'Ambrosio, Connecticut
Bob Davis, Kansas
Gene Deckerhoff, Florida St.
Wes Durham, Georgia Tech
Woody Durham, North Carolina
Max Falkenstien, Kansas
Don Fischer, Indiana
Ralph Hacker, Kentucky
Bob Harris, Duke
Johnny Holliday, Maryland
Mick Hubert, Florida
Bob Kesling, Tennessee
Bob Murphy, Stanford
Jim Phillips, Clemson
Chris Roberts, UCLA
Jim Turpin, Illinois

These guys have seen some of the greatest players in the history of the sport. Behind the mike, they are the best of the best out there today.

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