DEC. 30: 10 reasons to love and hate sports
Caple: 10 reasons to love sports
Caple: 10 reasons to hate sports
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DEC. 29: 10 unfortunate events's 10 unfortunate events
Neyer: Satch and Josh
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DEC. 28: 10 greatest teams's 10 greatest teams
Murphy: Da Bears!
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DEC. 27: 10 infamous moments's 10 infamous moments
Graham: Tyson's infamous bite
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DEC. 26: 10 greatest moments in women's sports
10 greatest moments in women's sports
Smith: One wild ride
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DEC. 24: The 10 worst games and uniforms's 10 worst games's 10 worst uniforms
Kreidler: The Stupor Bowl
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DEC. 23: 10 critical coaching decisions's 10 key coaching decisions
Kurkjian: Ripken, the shortstop
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DEC. 22: 10 most important innovations's 10 important innovations
Garber: The tragic carpet
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DEC. 21: 10 greatest rivalries's 10 greatest rivalries
Rivalries: Venom, vigor in 60 minutes
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DEC. 20: People who impacted sports's top 10 impact individuals
Katz: Magic and Bird did it all
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